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Ordinarily you wouldn’t think of gardening gloves as a life-saving device, but when you take into account a recent hazard publicized about tetanus and how you could come close to death while gardening or landscaping, you may just want to reconsider!

An article on tetanus in the May 21, 2008 edition of The Vancouver Sun proved to be a real eye opener to the dangers of gardening without gloves.

Cases of tetanus may be rare, however; the spores that cause it are ever present in the organic material we like to dig around in - soil. You may not have cows wandering through your gardens leaving lovely manure deposits, but what about cats, dogs, raccoons and skunks? It’s all poop! 

One of the most important safety gardening tips is the proper attire. Put on the gardening gloves to safeguard your hands from cuts, chemicals, thorns etc.

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