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HomeoPet General Anxiety 15 ml

HomeoPet General Anxiety 15 ml

A homeopathic formula that promotes a sense of calm in animals experiencing fear, fretting, anxiety or any unwanted behavior caused by: Being left alone - separation, Travel anxiety - car sickness, Thunderstorms, Fireworks - 15 ml

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HOMEOPET HomeoPet General Anxiety 15 ml
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HomeoPet General Anxiety 15 ml

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- Cat Anti Anxiety - Dog Anti-Anxiety / Stress - Homeopathic Remedies for Dogs

Manufacturer:   HOMEOPET

A homeopathic formula that promotes a sense of calm in animals experiencing fear, fretting, anxiety or any unwanted behavior caused by:

Being left alone - separation
Travel anxiety - car sickness
Loud noises
Vet or groomer visits
Other stressful situations
INDICATIONS: Anxiety or anxiety induced conditions: fear of fireworks, thunder, loud noises, crowds, veterinary visits, grooming, shows, lick granulomas, psychogenic alopecia, hysteria-barking or destruction when left alone, cystitis and priapism, separation anxiety, kenneling, weaning, orphans, rescue patients, crying at night, travel sickness, training classes and feather plucking in birds.

PACKAGE SIZE: 15 ml bottle

  • Chamomilla 6c & 30c: Used to promote a sense of calm in stressful situations
    (German Chamomile)
  • Valeriana 6c & 30c: Being left alone – separation, introduction of new animals
    (Valerian Root)
  • Borax 6c & 30c: Motion associated with travel                                   
    (Borate of Sodium)
  • Cypripedium Pubescens 6c & 30c: For night time crying, when pet won’t go to bed
    (Yellow Ladies Slipper)
  • Ignatia Amara 6c & 30c: Hysteria, grieving, emotional states
    (St. Ignatius Bean)
  • Colchicum Autumnale 6c & 30c: Drooling, fear of travel, motion
    (Meadow Saffron)
  • Veratrum Album 6c & 30c: Melancholy, fretting, sullen
    (White Hellebore)

DOSE: Dogs/ Cats under 20 lbs/10 kg, 5 drops; 20-100 lbs/ 10-50 kg , 10 drops; over 100 lbs/50 kg, 15 drops. In acute cases the doses can be given every 15 minutes for the first hour, every 30 minutes in the second hour, once in the third hour, then reducing to 1 dose 3 times daily. For cases that are not acute one dose 3 times daily; this is   often best started 5-7 days before any situation causing anxious behavior e.g.: before kenneling.
Once a response is seen, the administration should either be reduced until symptoms reappear or ceased until symptoms reappear. If any reduction in dose or frequency leads to immediate reccurrence of symptoms, then  medication should be continued with a reduction being done every 12-21 days to check that the medication is     providing control rather than relief of symptoms.

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HomeoPet General Anxiety 15 ml Additional information:

Promotes a sense of calm in animals exhibiting fear, fretting, anxiety or any unwanted behavior.
Caused by being left alone/separation, kenneling, shows, vetvisits, grooming.
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