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Manufacturer / Brand Search

After selecting a manufacturer, you will be given options to narrow your search by Pet Type and/or Brand (if the manufacturer has multiple brands).

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Feel free to order any product on any of our stores to save on shipping. Simply search using our search function at the top of this page to find the product you want and add it to your cart in the normal fashion.

Help with Search

GregRobert's Search options will assist you in finding products, brands and categories on our web site.

Keyword Search

Enter keywords for the product(s) you would like to see. For example, typing "gate" will show all products, manufacturers and categories with "gate" in the product name and/or short description.

To obtain the best search results, enter all relevant words for the item you are seeking. For example, entering the words "wood gate" will show you all the products and categories with those specific words in the name and/or short description.

There is no limit to the number of words you may use to search, and do not use quotes within the search box. Capitalization and other forms of punctuation are not required. If an exact match is not found, search results for similar words will be shown.

Search Results

The search results are displayed in 3 sections. The "PRODUCTS" section shows all products matching your search word(s). The "MANUFACTURERS" section lists all manufactures we carry matching your keyword(s) and the "CATEGORIES" section lists all categories including your search word(s).

Narrowing Search Results

You can narrow the search results by choosing Pet Type or Manufacturer. Once your search results have come up, click on any of the choices in the "Search Refinement" area to the left of the results. The search results page will automatically refresh to show your narrowed results.

For example, if you originally searched on the word "food bowl" but wanted to narrow your search to display Petmate Food Bowls, you would choose "Petmate" under the "Manufacturer" list.

Other Search Tips

  • You can search for products by GregRobert part number or manufacturer number using Advanced Search.
  • We also offer "Google Search" on all GregRobert websites.

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