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Drinkwell Fresh Flowing Pet Drinking Bowl - GregRobert

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    Drinkwell Fresh Flowing Pet Drinking Bowl

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    Drinkwell Fresh Flowing Pet Drinking Bowl - GregRobert

    Low prices on DRINKWELL products. Buy DRINKWELL at GregRobert - the leader in low prices, great customer service and fast shipping. In 1994 a licensed veterinarian Dr. M. Burns was very frustrated with the behavior of one of her cats named Buckwheat. Buckwheat would only drink water from a dripping faucet and would lay around on the kitchen counters all day waiting for her human to turn the faucet on. Aside from finding cat hair in the food preparation areas on the counters, Dr. Burns was getting very tired of running to the faucets to satisfy Buckwheat's demand for running water. As a veterinarian, Dr. Burns was well aware of the importance of sufficient water intake in cats to maintain healthy kidney and urinary tract function. Lack of enough water intake will make a cat's urine more concentrated than normal and leads to an environment where bladder crystal formation becomes more likely. This can lead to urinary tract obstruction and the infamous and potentially fatal Feline Urinary Syndrome. Therefore, denying Buckwheat her running water was just not an option.

    Then, eureka! Dr. Burns decided Buckwheat would have running water and maintain good hydration, but not at the kitchen sink. This running water would magically appear directly in "Buckwheat's" bowl! From this first home prototype, the Drinkwell� Pet Fountain was born.
    GregRobert Discount Pet Supplies is proud to offer a variety of DRINKWELL pet products at discount pricing.

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