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Sav-A-Caf Brand Milk Replacers for Livestock - GregRobert

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    Sav-A-Caf Brand Milk Replacers for Livestock

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    Sav-A-Caf Brand Milk Replacers for Livestock - GregRobert

    Low prices on SAV-A-CAF products. Buy SAV-A-CAF at GregRobert - the leader in low prices, great customer service and fast shipping. Sav-a-Caf brand provides the necessary nutrients. Colostrum is the first milk produced by the mother after the birth of her young. Colostrum contains nutrients vital to the survival and health of the newborn, including high levels of proteins called antibodies (also called immunoglobulins, Ig, and globulin protein). These antibodies are the only source of immunity for newborn animals, because most farm species and some companion animals do not receive any immunity through the placenta in utero. It is critical that all animals nurse colostrum from the mother, or receive an alternate source of colostrum within the first 24 hours of life, the time period during which they can absorb these antibodies into their blood stream undigested and intact.
    GregRobert Discount Pet Supplies is proud to offer a variety of SAV-A-CAF pet products at discount pricing.

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