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Wilt Pruf Plant Protector - GregRobert

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    Wilt Pruf Plant Protector

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    Wilt Pruf Plant Protector - GregRobert

    Low prices on WILT-PRUF products. Buy WILT-PRUF at GregRobert - the leader in low prices, great customer service and fast shipping. Fifty years ago WILT-PRUF® was discovered and became the first anti-transpirant on the market. A product such as this was needed in horticulture to enable nurserymen to transplant shrubs and trees any time of year without fear of excessive transpiration which could cause plant failure.
    Wilt-Pruf® is a natural pine oil emulsion that is NON-HAZARDOUS, ORGANIC, AND BIODEGRADABLE. It is not damaged by freezing during storage, it has an indefinite shelf life, and is non-toxic to eyes and skin. Wilt-Pruf® spray dries to form a clear transparent and flexible protective coating without interfering with plant growth or materially affecting respiration, osmosis, or photosynthesis. Wilt-Pruf® does not require registration with the EPA because we make no pesticidal claims. We also meet specifications of the FDA for use on edible crops. Ultraviolet rays from outdoor daylight react with our film forming polymer to form a coating which is like having numerous bed sheets on a bed. When the top sheet is removed, there are still many more sheets left. The same phenomenon is true with Wilt-Pruf®. As the outside layer wears off with the sun, wind, and rain and powders away, another layer forms.
    GregRobert Discount Pet Supplies is proud to offer a variety of WILT-PRUF pet products at discount pricing.

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