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Post Mount Birdfeeder Baffle 4x4 in / 22 in Diameter

Post Mount Birdfeeder Baffle 4x4 in / 22 in Diameter

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4x4 Post Mount Baffle. Squirrel baffles prevent squirrels and raccoons from raiding your bird feeders and scaring away birds. Size: 22 diameter

Model No: BAF3GR - In Stock

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AUDUBON WOODLINK Post Mount Birdfeeder Baffle 4x4 in / 22 in Diameter
AUDUBON WOODLINK Authorized Dealer

Post Mount Birdfeeder Baffle 4x4 in / 22 in Diameter

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- Baffles / Weather Shields

Manufacturer:   AUDUBON WOODLINK
Use this Woodlink Squirrel Baffle as a squirrel baffle or as a predator guard on any standard 4" X 4" post. Simply screw it onto the post and you are done! It prevents animals like squirrels and raccoons from climbing over it, preventing them from the bird seed or birds!
22 inch diameter
Powder-coated in dark green
Use on any standard 4" X 4" post.
If you have problems with squirrels climbing up your 4X4 post and getting at your squirrel feed, try this squirrel baffle. Simply mount it between your feeder and the ground, 4-5 feet from the ground will give you the most success. It will prevent squirrels from getting above it...(unless the crafty little guys find a tree branch above your feeder, then it may be time to move the feeder!)
Added or Last Modified: 5/7/2013
Weight: 33.7349
UPC: 715038399681

Post Mount Birdfeeder Baffle 4x4 in / 22 in Diameter Additional information:

Wrap-around squirrel baffle with 4 mounting brackets
Ideal for mounting on a 4 x4 post
Color (if applicable): GREEN / Size (if applicable): 22 in.
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Comments, Reviews and Ratings

I only use organic now after it's basically been proven that the other stuff Is cancerous.,

Squirrels out so far..yay! Does not really fit on a 4 x 4 great, even with some sawing, the lip doesn't fully close (connect). ,

Very sturdy and just what I needed. Fun to watch the squirrels do flips trying to get to the top! The dismounts are fun to watch! ,

This is one durable baffle! Thick. Highly recommend this.,

Nice heavy duty baffle. Good for squirrels but raccoon still conquered it. Be sure to get it up high enough so coon can't reach over top.,

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