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Pop-Up Playpen

Deluxe Pop-Up Playpen for Small Dogs or Cats Size (Medium)

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The Deluxe Pop-Up Nylon Playpen for small dogs, cats allows a safe indoor or outdoor area for your pet to play in. This playpen has an easy pop-up assembly that requires no tools! Available in a medium or large size.

Model No: 02080 - In Stock

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WARE MFG. INC. Pop-Up Playpen
WARE MFG. INC. Authorized Dealer

Pop-Up Playpen

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Manufacturer:   WARE MFG. INC.

The Deluxe Pop-Up Nylon Playpen for small dogs, cats allows a safe indoor or outdoor area for your pet to play in. This playpen has an easy pop-up assembly that requires no tools! Available in a medium or large size. Includes a zippered mesh door, floor mat (attaches with velcro) and a removable zippered sun screen cover. Zippered cover can be used to contain a pet from going over the top of the pen. Color is tan and black.

Assembles in seconds
EZ Zip on/off Screen cover
Large roll-up doorways
Washable floor cover
Folds flat in seconds
Convenient storage bag
Handy storage pocket
Water bottle holder
Use indoors & outdoors

#02080 Pop Up Play Pen, Medium. 48"w x 48"d x 28"h
#02081 Pop Up Play Pen, Large. 50"w x 50"d x 32"h.
Please note: Width = left to right, Depth = front to back.
Material: Nylon/canvas

Added or Last Modified: 5/7/2013
Weight: 11.2860
UPC: 791611020807

Deluxe Pop-Up Playpen for Small Dogs or Cats Size (Medium) Additional information:

Safe outdoor playpen for small animal, or small dog and cat.
Easy pop-up assembly.
Zippered mesh door and removable sun screen included.
Material Composition or Ingredients (if applicable):
Canvas And Nylon Mesh
Color (if applicable): BLUE / Size (if applicable): Medium
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Comments, Reviews and Ratings

ok It works for escape artist cats!,

I bought this as a safe haven and corral for our two pugs when we are camping in our motor home. LOVE IT! They have plenty of room, are secure and comfortable, and I don't have to worry about them bothering others or other dogs bothering them. I attached some loops to the bottom to use with tent pegs to hold it in place when it is windy. It folds flat quickly and easily to store in the motorhome bins and takes up very little room. Perfect for us!,

Absolutely LOVE this product! We bought this product because we had Puppies to contain. We could not figure out how to let the Momma Dog go In and Out, so, we zipped the netting on the top, turned it upside down and layed the velcro bottom over the netting (so the netting would not get torn up) and then took the zipper doors and used "tie wraps" and put the tie-wraps thru the zipper handles to hold the zippers half way up so the Momma could go in and out as she pleased (to nurse or just be with her puppies) and the puppies could not get out. This works really well this way.
I would definitely recommend this to everyone!

We purchased this for our cat to recover after surgery. She has to spend 8 weeks in here. It is perfect. Large enough for her to be comfortable and sturdy enough to provide a secure area for her. Highly recommend.

I was concerned that this might not be able to handle cat claws but there was not issue - Shanti has clawed at it and there are no tears. The material is strong enough so that my cat does not damage it. Big enough to put her litter box but still enough room so that she can move around with it in the pen. Definitely better than putting her in the cage. She hates that!,

I got this for my Griffon. I was tired of setting up and lugging around a soft crate. I tried this but he got out the first time. After that, though, he never escaped and gives me no problem going inside. Maybe he knows there is a lot more room that the crate and prefers it. I like that it is so much easier to set-up than the soft crate and lighter to carry around.,

I have had not problems with it. I read some that there pup gets the bottom open but I haven't had any problems with that? The velcro works just fine. Very easy to pick up and wash stain. Delivery was only two days!,

My do gets figures out how to get through the bottom part. It is just attached with velcrom. The top zippers on so we just turned the pen over and it worked for us. The bottom now is only netting but that seems to be working.,

I thought this was a great idea so I bought one. When I left the top unzipped partially my puppy got out so I made sure to always have the top fully zipped. The problem was that she figured out how to escape through the bottom by pulling apart the velcro straps. My husband added more velcro to make it more difficult for her to pull apart the bottom form the pen. That did the trick so now the pen is working very well.,

When our cat got pregnant and had a litter I borrowed one of these from a friend (and subsequently bought my own!). It was great to contain her litter while still allowing enough space for them to play. It's also a good for keeping them pout from under my feet when I'm walking around and not paying attention to them (like when I am cleaning the house). Works very well for me.,

It is nicely made and the carrying bag is convenient. I like the option of having a top that is attached by a zipper that goes all around leaving no holes for my dog to exploit. However, my dogs figured out how to remove the bottom from the velcro straps. Once they did that they got out by going underneath. It's a nice product but it would be much better if the floor was permanently attached.,

I have used this for 6 weeks now for my pugs. I used to kennel them while I was at work but that was too expensive so I though I would try this playpen. I was worried that they might escape but they have not so far. I introduced them to the playpen before I used it to keep them enclosed when I was at work so they were used to it. I made sure they had toys and gave them treats when they were inside. So far, so good! I think it will help me when I am outdoors as well. Thanks!,

We use this pen when taking our kittens with us to my daughters sports event (soccer is outside). It's a snap to fold and put away. Basically anywhere we take the cats that doesn't have a small place to control where they go we take the playpen. We don't have to worry about trying to find them when we want some time away from watching them run around! Really like that it is not heavy as well!,

I take this to the my mothers house because she does not like my two shelties running around. It works perfectly for them! I like that it is lightweight because I am not a big person. The zippered top is nice when Fable gets excited since he can be rambunctious and the top helps to keep him from jumping.,

Exactly what the description said. Great service, quick delivery. Very satisfied customer here.,

I purchased for cats. Thought I was purchasing a blue one, received brown color. I see one large flaw in using with cats. The bottom cover fastens with intermittent velcro. In order to contain a full sized active cat, the bottom needs to fasten with a zipper just like the top. Otherwise, the quality is excellent, the size is great and it is lightweight. I just received so cannot comment on wear.,

Our daschound loves it. We just moved and needed a place to corral him. He goes right in the door and knows it's his "bedroom." We may get another one to keep in another part of the house. We love it!,

I purchased this for my four kittens, but found that my two Shih Tzu's love it even more.

It is excellent quality.

I sit inside with both the dogs and kittens...just not at the same time.

I wholeheartedly recommend this product.

this worked great to tame two rescued kittens-i can actually crawl inside and sit with them to introduce touching and rubbing.i just let them out today after 2 weeks of taming-i left the door open and they returned to the pen several times (as security i guess) .very impresssed with the product -will also use it outside for an indoor cat to enjoy getting out of the house.very well made,

Raised 2 kittens with cerebellar hypoplasia whose lack of balance & coordination required a safe environment. Playpen worked perfect in keeping them out of harm's way and soft sides prevented injuries from falls. This is the second playpen I bought though because the top cover zipper of first one broke after few months of daily use. Zipper expensive and/or difficult to replace.,

I have used this for two years now and it is still in excellent condition. I have put my Standard Poodle and a friend's Rotty in the large version at the same time with no problems. Very easy to set up and take down. Literally only takes at the most a minute. Easy to transport as light weight, but good quality.,

I will recommend this to anyone who has a dog. Its the best investment I have ever made for my two weiner dogs. They are much happiper in more space when I am away at work.,

Best thing I ever purchased - my cat loves it. He's a declawed indoor cat who wants to be outside with us and the dogs so we bring him outside in his pen from time to time and we take it camping with us and he can go outside when we're camping. He really loves it. (ps - it came with a zip on cover so he can't escape),

i have not used it but seems like a good thing but pretty inspendsive for a pop up i am going to look into it put plz price it down,

I have 7 chihuahuas and it was perfect. The double doggy door was great! Kept my babies safe while I was at work and kept them out of trouble :) Very durable and easy to clean! Would recommend it to anyone who want to keep their babies safe but not confined in a small hard cage. My babies love the "non-caged feeling but more like a safe place.,

Worked great for our dogs. Did not work good for the cats. (Cats climbed out). If you are going to use it for cats, get a cover.,

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