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Melafix Antibacterial Fish Remedy Size (64 oz.)

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Maintaining fish health is a vital concern to aquarists and pond enthusiasts.Bacterial and fungal infections in particular have challenged fish healthprofessionals and hobbyists alike.

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- Fungus / Bacteria and Ick Control


Maintaining fish health is a vital concern to aquarists and pond enthusiasts. Bacterial and fungal infections in particular have challenged fish healthprofessionals and hobbyists alike. Many of today's current medications havebecome less effective due to resistant strains of infecting bacteria.

Inresponse to this growing problem, Aquarium Pharmaceuticals investigated hundreds of botanical extracts for use against fish diseases. Over six years of researchand development resulted in the formulation of MelaFix

MelaFix is an all-natural medication derived from the leaves of 'Melaleuca,' the scientific name for the tea tree. The healing property of tea tree extract ha sbeen known for centuries. University studies and extensive laboratory tests showed that MelaFix is an effective antibacterial remedy for freshwater and marine fish. MelaFix also caused rapid repair of damaged fish tissue and fins. New growth was seen in as little as four days of treatment. this evidence led to the granting of a United States patent. International patents are pending.

Bacterial and fungal infections in aquarium fish
Disease-causing organisms are present in all aquariums. Any time a physicalabrasion damages fish tissue, bacterial and fungal pathogens seize theopportunity to infect the fish. Shipping, netting, and poor water quality alsoweaken the fish's immune system, permitting disease problems to occur. Skin andfin abrasions are an unavoidable part of fish keeping. Therefore the potentialfor disease problems occurs with every new fish arrival, whether it is at thehatchery, fish wholesaler, aquarium shop, or in the hobbyist's aquarium.
External bacterial infections cause a variety of symptoms including split andragged fins. In extreme cases the fins erode back to the body. Eyes may becomecoated with a whitish slime or protrude from the head. Bacterial infectionscause hazy, slimy patches to develop on the body. These patches may develop intored ulcers. ';Mouth Fungus' caused by Flavobacterium's (formerlyFlexibacter), causes mouth tissue to deteriorate and may appear as tufts ofcotton. In many cases fish do not rapidly respond to traditional medications.
Fungal infections usually occur as a secondary infection, invading tissuealready damaged by bacterial and parasitic diseases. Fungus also attacks fishthat have been weakened by rough handling, shipping, exposure to ammonia andnitrite, improper netting, and malnutrition. Fungal pathogens use digestiveenzymes to feed on the fish tissue. These enzymes damage nearby healthy tissue,allowing the disease to spread. Common symptoms include white cottony growth onfins, skin, and mouth of fish. Healing of the damaged tissue will speed theelimination of the fungal disease.

MelaFix has powerful antibacterial properties that treat the wound and promotesrapid tissue healing. Healing and tissue regeneration can usually be seen in thefirst four days of treatment. MelaFix also promotes regrowth of damaged fin raysand tissue. In test cases where fish had lost all tail and dorsal fins, MelaFixcompletely restored both fins to their original condition. MelaFix heals thewound and restores damaged tissue.

MelaFix is safe for all aquariums
MelaFix is a safe and effective anti-bacterial medication for all freshwater andmarine fish. Laboratory studies proved that MelaFix is safe for even the mostdelicate fish species including tetras, discus fry, and scaleless fish like theclown loach. MelaFix can be used with all marine fish. Repeated treatment ofsensitive clownfish fry proved harmless. MelaFix has been tested and found to besafe in reef aquariums containing invertebrates such as live coral and anemones.
Treating with MelaFix will not harm the biological filter in freshwater orsaltwater aquariums or ponds. MelaFix will not colour the water and will notstain ornaments or silicone sealer. MelaFix has no effect on pH. MelaFix isharmless to live aquarium plants.
Compatibility with other aquarium products
MelaFix can be used with any Aquarium Pharmaceuticals water-conditioning productincluding Stress Coat, Ammo-Lock 2, and Tap Water Conditioner. MelaFix does notinterfere with water quality test kits. MelaFix can be used in conjunction withAquarium Pharmaceuticals Super Ick Cure, Fungus Cure and General Cure.

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Melafix Antibacterial Fish Remedy Size (64 oz.) Additional information:

All natural antibacterial medication. Promotes regrowth of damaged tissues and fins.
For use in fresh, salt water, and reef aquariums.
Safe to use with sensative fish and will not harm live plants.
Not for human consumption.
Not for fish intended for human consumption. .
Does not effect product.
Material Composition or Ingredients (if applicable):
Natural Botanical Remedy Made From Pimenta Racemosa, A West Indian Bay Oil.
Color (if applicable): / Size (if applicable): 64 oz.
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