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Choice Extra

Premium Choice Extra Scoopable Cat Litter Size (50 lbs)

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Odors and changing are problems of the past. Premium Choice Extra turns waste into clumps that you simply scoop out and dispose. Just replenish the litter that is thrown away.

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Choice Extra

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- Cat Litter and Litter Additives

Manufacturer:   AMERICAN COLLOID
Litter particles bond together so that only the unused litter stays in the box and the clumps are thrown away. Unused Premium Choice Extra stays in the box and keeps working. The superior absorption and binding capability of revolutionary Premium Choice Extra allows for complete removal of liquid and solid waste and odors. And, because Premium Choice Extra is extra absorbent, it is the ideal litter for multiple cat households. Even with two or three cats using the same box, Premium Choice Extra controls odors and mess more effectively than any other litter.

The special formulation of Premium Choice Extra is virtually dust free. This means far less tracking in your home and a cleaner area around your cat's litter box. Premium Choice Extra granules are made from environmentally pure bentonite clay. When exposed to liquid waste, the granules expand and absorb the liquid in a well defined clump which will not break apart even during sifting, scooping, or scratching by your cat.
This means, unlike ordinary cat litters, Premium Choice Extra lets you remove virtually all of your cat's liquid and solid waste. And, no excess waste in the box means no odors. Used regularly, new Premium Choice Extra will mean no more unpleasant odors, and greater savings for you.
Added or Last Modified: 5/7/2013
Weight: 55.5500
UPC: 072302000576

Premium Choice Extra Scoopable Cat Litter Size (50 lbs) Additional information:

Extra absorbent, extra odor control and 99.6 % dust free
Litter particles bond together so that only the unused litter stays in the box and the clumps are thrown away
Eliminating odors, constant changing and extra dust
Made in the usa
Color (if applicable): / Size (if applicable): 50 lb.
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