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Whisper Filter

Whisper Power Aquarium Filter Model (60)

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Tetra power filters are well known, reliable filters that do a great job in any aquarium setup. Tetra Whisper power filters really do run in near silence, and take no time or effort to set up and little to maintain. They are available for tanks up to 60 g

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WHISPER Whisper Filter
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Whisper Filter

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Manufacturer:   WHISPER
Eliminates toxic ammonia and nitrites. Tetra power filters are well known, reliable filters that do a great job in any aquarium setup. Tetra Whisper power filters really do run in near silence, and take no time or effort to set up and little to maintain. The Classic Whisper Power Filter is back! Quiet, economical filtration performance flows from each one. Energy-efficient designs feature low-wattage motors and adjustable flow control for any aquatic environmental requirements. Classic Whisper Filter design features only 1 moving part. Bio-Foam cultivates and maintains biological filtration, while classic Bio-bag cartridges take care of chemical and biological filtration and change out in one step. For Freshwater and Saltwater Aquariums.

Classic Whisper Power Filter 20 - up to 20 gallons - 105 gph 
Classic Whisper Power Filter 30 - up to 30 gallons - 145 gph 
Classic Whisper Power Filter 40 - up to 40 gallons - 210 gph 
Classic Whisper Power Filter 60 - up to 60 gallons - 330 gph

Added or Last Modified: 9/21/2015
Weight: 3.3000
UPC: 046798257752

Whisper Power Aquarium Filter Model (60) Additional information:

For a crystal clear aquarium.
Eliminates toxic ammonia and nitrites.
Economical and easy to use.
Whisper quiet and dependable.
For 30-60 gallon aquariums. 330 gallons per hour.
Color (if applicable): / Size (if applicable): 30-60 gal.
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Comments, Reviews and Ratings

I put my aquarium in our living room. We love to look at it and spend a lot of time there. One thing I was afraid of was to have a filter when we are watching TV or talking with quests. The filter is pretty quite and we have no problem at all with the back ground noise. I am not very mechanically inclined but set-up was very simple and easy. The additional filter bags are easy to use. Just add carbon and place it in the filter.,

This is a good filter that has the versatility to extend it if you require. I would not call it a great filter and it is a bit noisy. It's probably not fair to compare it to a 4 stage filter but if you do it's understandably not as good. However, it is keeping the water in my tank clean so it is doing it's job well for me.,

The noise is louder than I would like but not as bad as most filters I have tried. It's not a problem and after a while you do not notice it. I would just like to see a design that you can not notice at all. I have had tanks for 22 years to I have some experience with different filter designs. This one does compare favorably to what I have tried in the past. I use the 20 gallon filter for my 12 gallon tank and it works well keeping the water clean. I would give this the best possible rating but I still think the noise should be less so I marked it down for that.,

This thing does a great job. I have used other filters and they did not measure up in comparison. Its cheap to operate and designed well. It seems to run cool under all conditions. No complaints here with this purchase.,

I use this in my 24 gallon tank. There have been no issues so you can rely on it. I keep 8 gold fish that known as a dirty fish and are decent size. This filter has no problem cleaning up after them. I have had other filters that were not as quite or durable. Very good buy in my opinion.,

really like this filter. I have ben buying it for some time and am never disappointed with it's performance. It lives up to it's name with how quite it runs and keeps the water nice and clean (clear). You can add charcoal or other additives to the filter bags easily in case you need to address a water issue. Just open and drop it in - no problem at all. I highly recommend this item.,

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