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Bug Check

Cut Heal Equine Bug Check Size (30 lb)

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Promotes and Maintains Healthy Equine Skin and Coat - From the Inside, Out. Horses & Cattle: When starting this product, top-dress at the rate of 1 scoop or more daily per 1000 lbs. of body weight.

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Bug Check

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- Skin and Coat Supplements

Manufacturer:   CUT HEAL ANIMAL CARE

Promotes and Maintains Healthy Skin and Coat - From the Inside, Out!
Horses & Cattle: When starting this product, top-dress at the rate of 1 scoop or more daily per 1000 lbs. of body weight for two to three weeks. Then, maintain at an amount of 1/2 scoop or more daily. For difficult situations, up to 4 scoops per 1000 lbs. body weight may be given daily. Each scoop (provided) equals 1 oz.
Sheep & Goats: Top-dress 1/2 scoop or more daily per head. Each scoop (provided) equals 1 oz.

Added or Last Modified: 9/21/2015
Weight: 44.0000
UPC: 748118622546

Cut Heal Equine Bug Check Size (30 lb) Additional information:

Repels flying pests and maintains healthy skin and coat from the inside out
Made of garlic, yeast and grape seed extract to deter biting flies and diatomaceous earth to discourage insect breeding
Non-toxic and chemical free
For horses, cattle, sheep and goats
Made in the usa
Material Composition or Ingredients (if applicable):
Ground Dried Grape Pomice, Distiller Grains, Diatomaceous Earth, Garlic Powder, Brewer s Yeast, Mechanically Extracted Soybean Meal And Thiamine Monohydrate
Color (if applicable): / Size (if applicable): 30 lb.
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This product works for us year-after-year. We would not get through a summer without it !,

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