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Mesh Anti Pull Dog Harness Size (Medium Black)

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Patented system gives with dogs natural movements. Stops the hardest pullers instantly. Ergonomic and comfortable design. Guaranteed for life. Stops the hardest pullers instantly.

Model No: SPUS33271 - In Stock

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Manufacturer:   SPORN PRODUCTS
Patented system gives with dogs natural movements.
Stops the hardest pullers instantly.
Ergonomic and comfortable design.
Guaranteed for life.

Fits like a glove! Our newest best seller in pull control offers total control, style and comfort for your dog. This new mesh harness is a continuation of the legacy started by the original Sporn HalterŪ. All materials and components are made of the highest quality nylon and nickel-plated hardware to reduce weathering.

* Patented system "gives" with dog's natural movements
* Stops the hardest pullers instantly
* Ergonomic and comfortable design
* Guaranteed for life! 

Sizing below refers to neck size:
Small: 9-12 inches
Medium: 12-17 inches
Large/XL: 16-24 inches

Added or Last Modified: 9/21/2015
Weight: 0.3850
UPC: 708443332718

Mesh Anti Pull Dog Harness Size (Medium Black) Additional information:

Patented system gives with dogs natural movements.
Stops the hardest pullers instantly.
Ergonomic and comfortable design.
Guaranteed for life.
Medium fits neck size 12 to 17 inches and breeds such as beagles, cocker spaniels, and basenjis.
Color (if applicable): BLACK / Size (if applicable): Medium
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Comments, Reviews and Ratings

This thing is amazing. If your pet is anything like mine than you'll see no more desperate pulling forward with heavy breathing, choking and hacking. I hated that and it stopped the first time I tried this harness. He just moves to my pace now and all because of the harness. I can't really say why it has such an effect but who cares - it works! I have a terrier that can really pull but no more with this harness. I am very satisfied with this purchase.,

This is a nice harness. It is comfortable for the dog with padded strap area and wide mesh on the chest so there is no chaffing for the dog during walks. They only thing is that it did not stop the pulling. It is a lot better in that there is no choking but if my dog sees something he wants to get at like a squirrel or another dog he still pulls. It's better than a collar , though.,

I like the harness. It stops the dog from choking because it pulls from the chest and stomach area. When there is pulling there isn't local areas that the harness rubs on. The mesh area is large on the chest and the straps that go underneath have padding. It looks to be comfortable. The only negative what the fact that it can get tangled. Sometimes I have a difficult time untangling it. Overall though, it works pretty well. I have tried other products some of which are a lot more expensive and they do not work as well as this harness. I have left it on my dog for extended periods of time with no issue.,

This harness is strong and allows for easy corrections through directional tugs. The adjustment allows the harness to be fit properly so that is a nice part of the design. It did not stop al the pulling but it did cut down in it quit a bit. Also the strap that is around the shoulder is not adjustable. on my dog it did not appear to hold the mesh up high enough causing the mesh to tangle and at the legs. There are cushions on the strap but they kept moving which exposed a strap to the area underneath by the leg.,

What a deal for the price. The first time I tried this item my dog stopped pulling. It was great! No more dragging me along pulling my arm out of it's socket. If he gets ahead of me and the harness pulls on him he just stops and waits for me as opposed to the opposite from the past when he would pull me along. Now we go at my pace. I love our long relaxing walks now.,

I really got tired of the pulling with my lab pup. There were time when she wanted to get someplace fast that I swore she was going to hurt herself she pulled so hard. I know that there is training that is supposed to stop this but I have not been successful in ever making that work. I decided to by a harness that would allow me to better correct her and help take the force off her neck. I decided on the Sporn Mesh Harness because it looked more comfortable than the nylon strap harnesses. The first time I tried the harness she stopped pulling. it was a miracle!. Sometimes she would try to pull but she couldn't do much and then she would just stop. She actually walked next to me for part of the walk. I can't say enough about this harness.,

We have a Jack Russell and he is 22 lbs of muscle. You wouldn't think a dog his size could pull so hard! This harness worked beautifully with him. I have bout a lot of pet stuff in my time and I think this was the best purchase. There were times with the neck collar that I really think he might hurt himself with how hard he pulled and I felt so bad for him when he choked. The first time we put this on him he didn't pull at all. I was so happy. I took him for a long walk and it was the most relaxing experience not having him constantly pulling. I really look forward to our walks now. After a while he did get used to it and start to pull. He looks like he is trying hard but I don't feel much of a tug. I think he can't get leverage on it. Therefore it is not bad at all. Love this harness. I recommend it highly.,

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