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ProVide Forage Clover & Chicory Size (2 lbs.)

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ProVide Forage Clover & Chicory is a premium mixture of forage clover and forage chicory developed to provide a top quality food plot year round for both Deer & Turkey.

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- Forage Food Plot Seeds

Manufacturer:   EVOLVED HABITATS

ProVide Forage Clover & Chicory is a premium mixture of forage clover and forage chicory developed to provide a top quality food plot year round for both Deer & Turkey. The forage clovers in Pro-Vide are very palatable varieties that are a favorite of both Deer & Turkey. The forage chicory in ProVide delivers a high level of beneficial minerals & protein in a palatable, digestible plant form that is available year round.

Forage CLOVER... including perennial ladinos: Forage Clovers are one of the most highly researched forage crops for Deer & Turkey. The clovers selected for ProVide yield up to 35% protein throughout the year. Both Deer & Turkey will forage on these tasty high protein leaves to get the nutrients they need to be healthy. Clover also provides an excellent bugging area for Turkey. We have selected the best ladino-type clovers for ProVide based on the following criteria: highest protein, highest TDN (Total Digestible Nutrients), highest drought resistance, best reseeding qualities, and superior palatability. The clover seeds in ProVide are coated & inoculated to assure that these premier clover plants fix nitrogen that the plants will use.

Perennial Forage CHICORY: Forage chicory is a very exciting forage plant that provides in excess of 30% protein and a burst of valuable minerals. These forage chicory plants have a long taproot that allows the plant to be extremely drought resistant once established. These forage plants are a true perennial that will survive for many years unattended. Another important contribution of forage chicory is its apparent ability to aid forage clovers by increasing the sweetness of the soil around the plant. By planting these two plants together, you will be able to establish a very productive forage plot that will be useful for many years. Average mature plant height is approximately 15 inches. One 4 pound bag will cover 1/2 acre: 21,825 sq ft; 30 yds by 80 yds; or approximately 1/2 football field!

Added or Last Modified: 9/21/2015
Weight: 2.2000
UPC: 786541702022

ProVide Forage Clover & Chicory Size (2 lbs.) Additional information:

A premium mixture of forage clover and chicory, pro-vide was developed to provide a top quality food plot year round. .
The clovers are palatable and the chicory provides beneficial minerals and proteins for deer and turkey.
Lime, fertilize and clear all weeds from the area.
Break the ground and cultivate the soil 4-6 inches deep.
Lightly pack the soil before planting.
Broadcast the seeds over the seed bed, do not cover the seeds with than .5 inch on dirt .
Material Composition or Ingredients (if applicable):
Forage Clover And Forage Chicory.
Color (if applicable): / Size (if applicable): 2 lb.
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