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K-9 Storm Stress

Homeopet Storm Stress K-9 Dog Remedy Weight (80 lbs and over)

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Great for dogs who are sensitive to a variety of loud noises including thunderstorms, fireworks, gunshots, tornados, and more. Safely helps relax your dog and encourages calm behavior. Formula is all natural. Results in Great for helping to relieve yo

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HOMEOPET K-9 Storm Stress
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K-9 Storm Stress

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- Homeopathic Remedies for Dogs

Manufacturer:   HOMEOPET

Homeopet Storm Stress K-9 Dog Remedy is great for helping to relieve your dog's stress in a variety of scary situations. This safe, all-natural formula works within 5 to 10 minutes. Available in a variety of sizes depending on your dog's weight.

INDICATIONS: Anxiety or anxiety induced conditions: fear of thunder, fireworks, wind, loud noises, gunshots, hurricanes and tornados. Storms, stormy weather, Heavy Thunderous Rainfall.

SIZE: 5 ml bottle

DOSE: One dose (10 drops) every 15 minutes up to 4 doses if needed. In acute cases, the doses can be given every 5 minutes up to 6 doses until response is seen.

PREVENTION WHILE OWNER IS AWAY: 15 drops of product may be put in water bowl for each Cat/Kitten or Dog/Puppy who is home along during storm season or similar events. Discontinue treatment as condition improves. (See under administration for other methods)

ADMINISTRATION: Optimally, the liquid preparation should be dropped directly on to the mucous membrane of the mouth including lips; ideally in dogs by pulling out the labial pouch, and in cats by raising the head until the mouth opens. Where an animal finds this distressful or an owner is unable to comply, the medication can be put in the food, water or milk. Where animals are sensitive to the odor of the alcohol preservative, a 10-20 minute period should be allowed for dilution and evaporation before the liquid or food is presented to the patient. Occasionally, animals will shake their heads as a response to the alcohol preservative; cats may salivate excessively and in these cases presenting it in food, water or milk works. (Can also be squirted liberally onto pets bedding or onto floor in area where pet will stay if no other method available and it will work by diffusion to become an aerosol).

ADVERSE EFFECTS AND CONTRAINDICATIONS: None known, other than reversible effect of over dosage. Over dosage will result in a return of symptoms after the symptoms have initially disappeared. Where a return of symptoms occurs while on the medication, ceasing to use it will alleviate the effect. Patients who are hypersensitive to homeopathic preparations will show response to a single dose, which may not need to be repeated for some time. For this reason therapy should always start with a single dose the previous day and should a major response be seen, therapy should not be recommenced until symptoms relapse, and then only a single dose given for maximum effect. Although no evidence exists to the contrary, care should be taken with its use in pregnant animals as low potency homeopathics are historically not regarded as totally safe in pregnancy, despite their lack of chemicals. Should a suspected adverse reaction be seen or advice needed, please contact HomeoPet, LLC (contact information at bottom of sheet).

DRUG INTERACTIONS: None known. For animal use only. Keep out of reach of children.

PHARMACEUTICAL PRECAUTIONS: Store at room temperature, out of direct sunlight, and away from strong odors.

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Homeopet Storm Stress K-9 Dog Remedy Weight (80 lbs and over) Additional information:

Safe, gentle and clinically effective homeopathic remedy.
Relief from fear of thunderstorms, fireworks, wind, loud noises, gunshots, hurricanes, tornados.
For dogs 80 pounds and up.
Color (if applicable): DOGS / Size (if applicable): OVER 80 lb.
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