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Mosquitos go through a complete metamorphosis: eggs, larvae, pupae and adults. 
Eggs are laid in standing water. 

As a home owner, check the gutters, making sure they aren't clogged. 


Eliminate accumulation of water in places like tires, cans, barrels, etc. 

Clean out bird baths once a week.


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Pest Fighter Mosquito And Gnat Barrier Rts QUART (Case of 12)

Kills ants, ticks, mosquitos and gnats. Lasts up to 4 weeks propelling annoying insects Packaged with a convenient hose and sprayer Spray fences, decking, vegetation and other surfaces Covers 10,000 sq.ft ...

Mosquito Beater Granules 8 OUNCE

Repels insect pests for up to 3 weeks For use on lawns, aroudn patios, swimming pools, camp site, tennis courts, etc. Pleasantly scented. Treat the area one hour before occupation to repel insects Made in the usa ...

Coleman 40% Deet Sportsmn Insect Repellent Display 24 PIECE

Contains 24 bci#019022 coleman 40% deet insect repellent aerosol Each provides 8 hours of protection Also repels mosquitoes that may carry west nile virus Also repels gnats, chiggers, ticks, black flies and fleas Long-lasting, unscented, and resists ...

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