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Woodchuck and groundhog are common terms for the same animal

Woodchuck and groundhog are common terms for the same animal, the rodent with the scientific name of Marmota monax. Most closely related to squirrels, woodchucks actually can climb trees and also swim.

These large rodents are fierce and highly territorial.

To trap a woodchuck, set the trap as close as possible to the most-used entrance to the burrow. There is always more than one entrance, but there is usually a one that is close to whatever is being eaten (like your garden). The dirt in front of it will look freshly disturbed. Bait the trap with whatever brought the damage to your attention, plus some lettuce or other juicy greenery and a bit of fresh fruit that will not instantly spoil an apple wedge or a couple of cherries.

Check your local laws on whether you can release the woodchuck elsewhere.


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