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Gophers are a small rodents which appear in many states across America. Called "Pocket Gophers" because of pouches which are on each side of their mouths, these animals are often times mistaken for a rat, a chipmunk, a woodchuck or a squirrel. 

Gophers are Small Rodents

They are quite possibly the most common mis-identified animal in the United States! Gophers have small ears, barely noticeable, large incisors which constantly grow and forepaws which are big and clawed. Gopher incisors grow outside their lips so they are able to close their mouth all the way and are able to chew without getting dirt in their mouth. 

The front of their body is both strong and agile; gophers can move backward in their den about as rapidly as they can move forward! All these adaptations allow these animals to thrive wonderfully under ground. /home/petdogca/public_html/shop/pests/Gopher.htm

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Moletox II Mole and Gopher Killer

Mole and gopher killer. Economical - one teaspoon treats an active burrow or tunnel. Cracked corn. Excellent bait acceptance. Moles and gophers prefer its taste and texture to other baits, so it's more effective than pellets. ...

Sweeneys Mole Gopher Poison Peanuts 4 oz.

Sweeney's Mole Gopher Poison Peanuts 6 oz. Poison Peanut Pellets in easy to use applicator. These peanuts kill moles, voles and gophers. Active ingredient is zinc phosphide. ...

Sweeney Mole & Gopher Granules 4 lbs.

Repel moles and gophers from your lawn spring, summer, and fall with Sweeny's Mole & Gopher Repellent. After determining the presence of gophers, voles, or moles by surface ridges in the turf or by holes or mounds of earth pushed up from burrows, tre ...

PROZAP Mole & Gopher Pelleted Bait 1 lb (Case of 12)

PROZAP Mole & Gopher Pelleted Bait comes with a measuring scoop in every jar,for easy application. Direct baiting to underground burrows,tunnels and mounds,provides fast acting,effective control within hours with only a single dose. ...

Sweeneys Mole and Gopher Solar Spike

Offers a chemical and poison-free alternative for driving moles, gophers and other rodents out of your lawn. Sonic pulses penetrating through the soil every 30 seconds, sending burrowing rodents scurrying away. No batteries required. One solar charge ...

Epic Gopher Scram Repellent


Tomcat Mole & Gopher Bait


Mole & Gopher Sonic Spikes 2 pack

Plastic construction, 5 year warranty, 2 spikes per carton, cover 15,000 sq. ft. Each battery operated spike emits sonic pulses which penetrate the soil, driving rodents away for 4-6 months ...

Sweeneys Mole and Gopher Trap

Trap and kill moles effectively without the use of chemicals or poisons. Designed for easy activation and equipped with a safety pin for secure operation. Mole trap, kills moles, easy activation. ...

Molemax Mole & Vole Repellent

Dustless biodegradable granules are safe for use around children, plants and pets. Repels moles, voles, gophers, rabbits, armadillos, and skunks in lawns, flowerbeds, gardens. Contains 10% caster oil. ...

MoleMax Mole and Vole Repellent RTS - 1 qt

Mole and vole repellent granules and bulb protector. Repel moles, voles, gophers, rabbits, armadillos, skunks….. in lawns, flower beds, gardens…. safe for use around children, plants and pets. Contains Rucinus Communis Oil (Castor Oil). ...

Revenge Rodent Smoke Bomb 4 PACK (Case of 12)

Quickly and effectively kills rats, moles, skunks, gophers, woodchucks and ground squirrels Great for use on lawns, parks, golf courses, range lands and other non-crop areas Easy application and introduction into affected areas No poison is used Made ...

Molemax Mole & Vole Repellent Short Stack Pallet 10 POUND/50 BAG

Contains 50 ea of 10lb molemax Easy to apply mole and vole repellent granules and bulb protector Also repels gophers, rabbits and skunks and ground squirrels in lawns, flowerbeds and gardens Clean dustless, biodegradable granules are safe for use aro ...

Molemax Repellent 50 POUND

Mole and vole repellent granules and bulb protector. Repel moles, voles, gophers, rabbits, armadillos, skunks Clean, dustless, biodegradable granules are safe for use around children, plants and pets 1 lb. treats 500 sq. ft. and lasts up to 3 months ...

Victor Mole Trap

Eliminate Moles, Voles, Gophers & other similar size pests. A sure, sensitive, and effective spear plunger trap that harpoons the mole causing instant death. Six prong spears. ...

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