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Pantry Pest Traps by Revenge 2 pk (Case of 12)

This powerful trap attracts and captures pantry pests (Indian meal moth, Mediterranean flour moth, almond moth and raisin moth). These moths are found in flour, rice, crackers, dog food, bird seed and cereals. ...

Bag On Board Refill Pantry Pk - 315 pk

Refill bags for bags on board dispensers makes clean up quick and easy. Bags are biodegradable strong durable leak proof with ties included for easy disposal. Refill bags for bags on board dispensers pop off lid of dispenser and insert new cartridge. ...

Pb#313d Ac15 Bramton Bob Pantry Pack 315ct


Safer Brand The Pantry Pest Trap 2 pack

Attracts and traps male grain moths, flour moths, meal moths, and seed moths. 1 trap covers a 400 sq. ft. area. Contains 2 traps per box. Triangular shape makes trap easy to hide and can fit in hard to reach places. ...

Ball Citric Acid - 7.5 oz.

Add to jar to help safely can tomatoes. Provides pantry-ready alternative to lemon juice. Does not change tomato flavor like lemon juice. Called for in 90% of usda tomato recipes. ...

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