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One way to get rid of yellow jackets  is to keep pet food and other sources of proteins indoors or locked up. Yellow jackets, like other wasps, really do enjoy protein, and nothing is packed with more accessible proteins than pet food. 

So, keep your dogís or catís food bowl inside during the warmer months, or find a way to protect that pet food from foraging pests like yellow jackets and other scavenging wasps.

Sometimes getting rid of yellow jackets or reducing yellow jacket populations is as easy as keeping your garbage cans properly sealed. Garbage cans are not only a windfall for stray dogs, stray cats, and the occasional raccoon, but also for yellow jacket wasps who will feed on the leftover proteins and sugars we tend to throw out with the trash. Scraps of meat and fish are particularly pleasing to a yellow jacketís appetite, as well as old 2-liter bottles of pop - so keep the recycle bin locked up too!

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Deluxe Yellow Jacket Trap (Case of 12)

Pesticide free and refillable. Use anywhere there is a yellow jacket problem. Use on camping trips, picnics, in the backyard, etc. Just hang the trap at least six feet above the ground, away from the area where you want to be. Fully assembled, ready ...

Yellow Jacket Magnet Disposable Bag Trap

Victor Trap attracts yellow jackets. Easy to use, open bait, add water and hang. Includes #1 bait on the market. Decorative maple leaf print on bag helps trap blend in with surroundings ...

Why Reusable Trap for Wasps, Hornets and Yellow Jackets

Why Reusable Trap for Wasps, Hornets and Yellow Jackets is one and only trap that catches wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets for a total of 20 different species in all. Trap catches four species of Paper wasps, Bald-Faced and European hornets and mo ...

Why Trap Attractant Refill for the Why Trap

The Why Trap Attractant Refill helps to attract wasps, hornets and yellow jackets to the Why Trap. This attractant lures both the queen and the workers to help eliminate your pest problem. 2 WEEK SUPPLY. Exclusively made for the Why Trap. ...

Disposable Yellowjacket Trap

Complete with attractant - just add water and hang. Catches eight yellowjacket species. No killing agents - insects drown. More effective than traps baited with food alone. Non-toxic mode of action against target pests. Disposable. ...

Japanese Beetle Trap (Case of 12)

This trap catches the japanese beetle, and also the oriental beetle. All-in-one trap with no accessories to buy. Yellow panels and the bag are welded together to ensure the bag stays attatched. Double-layer nylon bag is highly durable. Catch capacity ...

QuikStrike Fly Abatement - Twin Pack

QuikStrike's potent triple-action attractant is irresistible to nuisance flies. Simply crushing an ampoule releases the attractant, which lures hungry flies to the yellow bait strip. Flies first explore the surface of the strip and then begin to feed ...

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