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Aquarium Temperature Control

Fish are "cold-blooded" and maintain the same body temperature as their environment. It is extremely important to maintain constant temperatures. Sudden changes can cause stress and lead to disease. Select a heater that delivers 3 to 5 watts per gallon. Ambient temperature is an important factor in selecting wattage. Temperature will affect metabolic rates of fish and their desire to feed. Digestive enzymes are also affected by temperature, even in goldfish aquariums. 

Aquarium Thermometers
A thermometer should always be used to monitor temperature levels and maintain a comfortable environment for aquarium inhabitants. 

When adjusting the aquarium heater to the desired temperature, verify the setting on a daily basis with an aquarium thermometer.  There are many types of thermometers to choose from including floating thermometers, standing, stainless steel and aquarium thermometers with suction cups to hold to the aquarium glass.

Thermometers exist in a variety of styles and attach to either the inside or outside of the aquarium. Select a model that is easy to read and suits your aquarium installation. It is strongly recommended to verify temperature on a daily basis.

Most tropical fish can be kept between 75 to 80F (24 to 27C). It is recommended to ensure that species are kept at their optimal range. This should be considered when selecting fish for a community aquarium.

Placing the heater in an area where there is good water movement like near a filter will help distribute heat efficiently. A common misconception is that of unplugging a heater during warmer weather - this should not be done. The heater provides temperature stability by not allowing aquarium temperatures to drop below its setting and is thermostatically controlled. 

Aquariums housing large fish should always use a heater guard or place the heater where accidental breakage is unlikely. 

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