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GregRobert's Quality Commitment:
We are so sure that our pet products will meet your high quality standards that we offer you a 
25 day money-back guarantee

(shipping charges only refundable on product defect or error).

Phone Ordering: 

Order Inquiries

Product Inquiries

Return Authorizations

We do not offer a mail-order catalog at this time.  Because of our large, dynamic inventory, we cannot guarantee that pricing and product availability will remain the same for very long.


For detailed information on arrival dates, costs and carriers - please read our shipping policy. 

If any part of your order cannot be shipped in this time period, you will be notified via the email address you have specified during checkout.

We want to answer your questions regarding the products we carry!  Please use our Product Inquiry Form to ask us a question.

Online Pet Shop Question System On each product page, you will see the question ICON (above).  Clicking on this allows you to ask us questions as you browse.

You may place an order toll-free by calling:  .

Please use this number for ordering purposes only.  

Our offices are located in Michigan:

GregRobert Enterprises, LLC.
PO Box 3152
Farmington Hills, MI 
48333 USA We want your business! - During peak times, you may get the shop answering system.  Please leave your phone number and we will call you back promptly.

If you need to return a product - please read our return policy posted here.  We must issue you a return authorization number before any products are returned.

Packages cannot be received at our PO Box.  You will need a return authorization number and they must be returned to the warehouse.

Click here to request a return authorization number


At any time, you may view the status of your order by 

After 7 business days, if you have not received your shipment, please contact us via this form: Order Not Received Yet


Frequently Asked Questions (for Ordering from GregRobert Enterprises, LLC Stores)

Whenever I place a product in my cart, it's gone the next time I view the cart?  

There may be a few reasons that you are having difficulty placing items in the cart:  Our shop relies on temporary cookies that only stay on your computer for the length of time you are on our site, which we call a session. These cookies aid us in remembering what goes into your shopping cart as you browse through different areas. 

To turn your cookies on: 

In Netscape:

  • Go to Edit-Preferences and double click on the word at the left "Advanced." You should see an option pop up on the right that allows you to either accept or disable cookies. 
In Microsoft Internet Explorer:
  • For version 5.5 and older, Go to Tools - Internet Options, to the "Security" tab. Click on "Custom Level." If you scroll down the page you will see a section called "Cookies." Here you can either Enable or Disable cookies that are stored on your computer. 
  • For version 6.0 and newer, Go to Tools - Internet Options, to the "Privacy" tab. Here you can set a slider to "Medium" or click on "Advance." A window will then pop up where you need to select the checkbox "Override automatic cookies handling." Then select either "Accept" or "Prompt" for first and third party cookies. 
  • These instructions may vary slightly, depending on the browser version you are using. If you need further assistance contact us by clicking here
A final note on cookies. You can also choose to be prompted whenever a site wants to put a cookie on your computer. You will find that most sites use cookies. This prompt will tell you whether it is a "persistent" cookie, meaning it will stay on your computer through the expiration date, or like ours, a temporary cookie. 

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I accidentally typed my credit card in wrong the first time I tried, but the 2nd time - it went through.  

When I checked with my bank, your company authorized my card 2 times. Each time you attempt an online transaction, your credit card will be authorized for the funds - if your bank accepts the transaction.  As mentioned above, for your security - we will decline the transaction after bank authorization if your billing address does not match. An authorization is not a debit of funds. Another words, your bank may have authorized us 2 times, but only debited the funds one time.  Therefore, we have only charged your card one time.  

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Can you send me a catalog, please?  

We are sorry, but GregRobert Enterprises, LLC (owners of this store) does not produce a print catalog.  Information presented here is dynamic, and committing it to print removes one of the most important parts of the internet ordering experience - access to absolutely current information. 

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I can't find the product I want! 

You can still order a favorite product, even though you don't find it online. We like to offer new or seasonal products, and sometimes not every product available is listed online. If you don't see what you're looking for, please CLICK HERE to contact us and we will put it online if we carry it!  Don't forget to put the name of the product in the form and the manufacturer / model number if possible. 

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How can I find my order status?  

If you have ordered with Google Checkout, you need to login here to view all order information.  You can find out the status of your order any time by reviewing the "Order Information History" link in your account section when you are logged in. If you used the standard checkout, click on the order number you're interested in to determine the status of that order.  Alternatively - you may contact us using the order inquiry form

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Are all your products in stock? 

Our inventory is updated regularly and when an item is out of stock the Add-To-Cart button will not allow you to place the item in your cart. Likewise, if you attempt to order more of an item than we have in stock, the system will prevent you from doing so and will advise you of the actual number available. Occasionally human error or multiple orders occurring at the same time may cause this process to be inaccurate, but that is not common. If that happens, we will notify you of the shortage, and give you the opportunity to direct us regarding backordering. You will not have to pay any additional shipping for backorders. 

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After placing an order, I didn't get an email receipt - did my order go through?  

Many email companies will block emails that are sent from a "server" rather than an email account.  The reason that they do this is because most of the SPAM received is sent through a server.  Unfortunately, this blocks many legitimate emails, also.

  • If you do not receive our order confirmation e-mail, please check the following:

    • Check to make sure that your spam filters have not blocked e-mails from nobody@volley2.grpet.com or gregrobertpet@gmail.com from entering your mailbox (depending on how your spam filter works). 

    • Check to make sure that the e-mail address that you used to create your account is spelled correctly. If it was not spelled correctly our order confirmation e-mail was sent to the misspelled e-mail address. 

Even if you did not receive the confirmation email, you can still verify that the order was received. LOGIN using the username and password that you choose at the time you placed the order. Next, click the "ACCOUNT" link on the top right of your screen.  Any orders you placed will be shown in the box below the words: "Order Information  History".  If your order is there, no need to worry, we received it and we are processing it.  If your order is not listed, please contact us here with your full name, date of order and items you ordered - we will take care of it immediately. (Login here if you placed a Google Checkout order and need to verify)  
  • Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation e-mail the following morning with applicable tracking numbers. If you do not receive this e-mail within the estimated processing time, please check your e-mail spam filter as noted above.

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My credit card keeps getting declined - I typed it in correct - what is wrong?  

We use two highly reputable credit card processing companies - Skipjack and Google Checkout -- both of which industry leaders.  If you are using our standard checkout process (through Skipjack), we require that an address match occurs as well as your name and valid card number.  If your card was declined, it most likely means that the address you typed in is not the exact address that shows up on your monthly billing statement.  Verify your billing address and try again.If you ordered with Google Checkout and received a notification that your credit card was declined, there will be a reason and corresponding explanation in the email you receive from Google.    

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Do you share my email address with other companies? We respect our customer's privacy. Customer information is not shared with any other party outside of our secure credit card processing companies. For more information on your privacy - please see our Privacy Policy.  

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Where can I find your electronic coupons? 

The best way to hear of our latest promotions is to subscribe to our eNewsletter alerts.  

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How can I change my email address?  

To update your email address, please take the following steps: (your internet browser must be set to accept cookies): 

  • Click on "Login". 
  • Log in by entering your user name and password in the appropriate fields. 
  • You will then be taken to "My Account", which has your billing and shipping addresses. To update your email, enter your new email address in the email box and click on "Update." Your new information will then be stored in our database. To begin shopping, click on the category that you desire near the left of the page. 
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Do you accept checks for payment? 

At this time, we accept Visa, MasterCard or Money orders. Customers using Google Checkout can use Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. We do not accept cash or checks. 

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Whom can I call if I have more questions? 

Our experienced customer service staff can be reached online by using forms specific to your questions

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How do I enter a Promotion Code, Electronic Coupon or Gift Certificate? 

You can redeem a special discount or offer by entering the provided Promotion Code, Gift Certificate Code or Electronic Coupon during checkout. 

  • Identify the Promotion Code. It is a string of letters and numbers that appears in your e-mail, ad, circular, etc. (e.g., "circ2")
  • Enter the Promotion Code in the box provided during checkout.  Note: You must login or create an account to access the checkout page.
  • Your discount will be automatically applied to your order when you meet requirements stated on the flyer, email or certificate.
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Where is your warehouse located?  

In most cases, your order will be shipped from Michigan, Pennsylvania or Colorado.  In a small percentage of cases, your product(s) may be shipped direct from the manufacturer.  In this case - there will be NO additional shipping fees or shipping delays and you will be notified upon checkout. 

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How can I track a package?  

Tracking your order is very easy with GregRobert.  Please use this link:   Order Tracking. (Make sure that you enable popup's if you have a popup blocker on your browser)   Type in your order number and a tracking number will appear with a direct link to FedEX where you can follow where your order(s) are. 

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Do you have a retail store in my area?  

GregRobert Enterprises, Inc.  solely does mail order, catalog and online sales.   

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