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Battle Against the Squirrel around your BirdFeeders


Squirrels can be remarkably talented at emptying bird feeders as quickly as you can fill them. For a while, it might be amusing - but after a certain amount of time, the expense can add up. Many veterans of the squirrel wars say that if a squirrel wants to get at your feeder bad enough, nothing can stop him. Others say that they have found the perfect squirrel proof feeder.

Here are a few basic tips to help you get started battling those pesky squirrels:

  • Invest in a Baffle. Baffles are platter-shaped or conical shaped objects placed between the feeder and the squirrel. The purpose is to stop the squirrel from getting to the feeder. Some bird feeders come with dome-style roofs designed to double as baffles.

  • If you can avoid it, don't place your feeder in home territory of the enemy. Another words, bird feeders usually fare better away from trees. String a line between two trees and hang your feeders in the middle of the line. Grease the line to add another layer of protection.

  • Pole mounted bird feeders are great. The pole should be smooth, so the squirrel cannot climb it.

  • Build a special area in your yard to divert squirrels away from your bird feeders. There are many squirrel feeders that hold dried corn available on the market.

Choose one of the many variations of squirrel proof feeders that we carry. One of our favorites is pictured above - The Yankee Flipper. The weight activated feeding perch is calibrated to react to a squirrel's weight. When a squirrel steps on the perch, a connection is made with a motor that makes the perch spin, and the squirrel is flipped off the feeder. Thus, the name YANKEE FLIPPER.

The unit comes equipped with rechargeable nicad batteries and a battery charger. Not only does the flipper work, it's hysterical to watch!

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