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How to Prevent a Bird From Flying into a Window


Reflective glass on your home can be very deceptive to birds and is a leading cause of bird injuries around the home. If you have big windows or glass doors, it is likely that a bird will fly into the glass when there is a reflection of the outdoors. When birds hit the glass, they often suffer head injuries if they are not killed. Using a bird warning web (as pictured to the right can help).
To prevent birds from flying into your window, it is a good idea to place something on the window or hang something in front of the window. Decals are ideal for preventing birds from flying into your window and are very easy to place on your window. The Warning Web for Birds by Droll Yankees is proven to deter birds from flying into the window. Once birds see the web, they are deterred from flying into it.

Another great trick is to hang up colored streamers on the outside of the window to help deter the birds from flying into it. The birds will be able to see the streamers from a distance and fly in another direction to avoid the window.

If a bird does hit your window and lives, the bird will probably be dazed and fly away. If the bird is too dazed to fly away, then place a kitchen colander or other breathable object over the bird until it is able to chirp and fly again. This will help protect the bird from predators.

Try not to touch or handle the bird if possible. Release the bird once it is acting ok.

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