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Buying a Cat Condo. . .8 steps to Cat Condo ownership

Cats are genetically programmed to climb. By providing a safe structure for your cat to climb, you allow her to follow her instincts while you protect the furniture in your house.

A cat condo can offer your cat a special place to take a nap or spend some time alone.


  1. Check out all the types that exist. Cat Condos come in many shapes and sizes. For your convenience - we have listed a few of the more popular ones to the right.
  2. Remember that most condos are covered with carpeting so your cat can climb and scratch on the condo. Look for carpeting that's easy to clean and not apt to fade quickly.
  3. Understand that a condo with a built-in scratching post can help save your furniture from your cat's claws.
  4. Select a stable condo that's well-balanced and won't tip when your cat scratches it or jumps on it.  The models we carry work well and won't tip.
  5. Make sure that the levels of the structure will be easy for your cat to climb.
  6. Find a condo that matches the color and style of your home so it will blend into its surroundings.
  7. Realize that the price for a condo varies depending on the features you select and where you shop, but it can often be $100, or even much more.
  8. Make sure that whatever condo you select will be big enough for your cat to be comfortable inside.

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