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The cat owner has a variety of litter choices. Kitty Litter

Read below for the scoop on cat litter.  Click here, to see our cat litter products.


Cat Litter lumping
Urine forms hard clumps to be scooped away regularly. Instead of completely changing the litter, you only replace what is scooped out. There is also less odor since the source of odor is removed. The softer texture and smaller granules is easier on paws, and it is less expensive because less is used and discarded. Petmate Cat Litter Pans
Cat Litter & Cat Litter Additives

Antibacterial Cat Litter
Stops the growth of odor causing bacteria present in cat feces.

Charcoal Cat Litter
Absorbs odors and locks them in to virtually eliminate odors. It is similar to how charcoal works in aquarium filters.

Scented Cat Litter
Fragrance is used to cover up odors and make the living area more pleasant.

Unscented Cat Litter
Some additives in unscented litter, like charcoal, are added to unscented litters to virtually eliminate odors without the fragrance.

No-Track/Lo-Track Cat Litter
Keeps cats from tracking litter all over the house.

Flushable Cat Litter
Can be flushed down a toilet and is biodegradable.

Paper Cat Litter
Paper litter looks and feels like regular clay litters, but is made with recycled paper, and is dust-free.

How Much Cat Litter Should be Used?
You should use enough litter in the pan to allow your cat to sufficiently cover any waste it leaves. Cats don't like to feel the bottom of a litter pan when they're burying their waste. Give your cat at least a 2-inch base of litter.

How Often Cat Litter Should be Changed
Waste should be discarded from a litter box on a daily basis. This will keep odors and bacterial growth to a minimum. Most cats will not use a dirty litter box, and may resort to eliminating elsewhere if this is the case. Use of the litter box will be encouraged if it is kept clean and free from waste.

Click here, to see our cat litter products


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