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Choosing the Right Dog Feeder or Bowl

Bowls are for serving food and water. Bowls should be large enough to accommodate the amount of food and water your dog will consume each day.

Deep, narrow dishes are designed so the ears of certain dogs will ride outside the bowl during eating. Shallow bowls are best for puppies, but they can use bowls that are large enough for adult dogs.

GregRobert carries several types of bowls for both food and water.

Type of Bowl Description
  • Come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, weights and prices
  • Generally are the most affordable
  • Come in tip resistant and heavy duty styles
  • Can be chewed, which may cause breakage
  • Some pets may be allergic
Stainless Steel
  • Do not rust
  • Cannot be chewed
  • Are easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Animals are not likely to be allergic
  • Come in non-skid types (puppies often chew on this non-slip ring so it may need to be removed)
  • May have a slightly higher initial cost
  • Come in several patterns and styles
  • Often have matching placemats to protect the floor and complement the bowls
Raised Feeders
  • Elevate bowls to a height that's most comfortable for your pet
  • Minimize digestion and bloat problems
  • Reduce strain on your dog's joints and muscles
Gravity/Automatic Feeders
  • Are extremely handy for vacations and free feeding
  • Automatic containers are suggested for providing water since dogs need plenty of water

We also suggest a placemat, to catch food that may spill and keep the area around the bowl clean.



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