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Dog Shears & Clipping Tips


If possible, before clipping your pet, wash and dry thoroughly, then comb or brush the coat. This improves blade life. Dirt is the biggest cause of blade dulling.

Clean and oil your blade(s) after every use using formulated Clipper Oil.  If a blade is damaged, replace it promptly with the proper Wahl replacement blade, Oster replacement blade or Andis replacement blade.  Some blade models are interchangeable.

Clip WITH the natural grain of the hair first. Clipping against the grain is possible, however it will leave a shorter cut.

We carry 3 major brands of clippers/shearers

A jammed blade is caused by feeding the hair into the blades faster than it is being cut.  A jammed blade can usually be fixed by momentarily pinching the blades together while running. In more severe cases, remove the blades, separate them and clean.  Next reassemble

Clipper burns are caused by too close of a cut against the pets skin or excessive cutting over one area.  Make sure you have Blood Coagulants available for mistakes.

If you plan to trim the hair on your dog's coat, using the right tools will make all the difference in achieving the look you want!

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