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When Critters Make Their Home in Your Home

Cooler days can cause wildlife to get a bit too close.


Adorable little raccoon huh?  Not when they are snoozin' in your chimney.

When days grow shorter and the temperature starts to cool,  many of us may start to get unwanted visitors. Many of these four legged visitors can be real pests. Animals, large and small, have taken up residency near suburban homes. There are possums, raccoons and skunks living in neighborhoods fearless of humans, enjoying backyards with dangling fruit trees, plentiful snacks in garbage cans and beautiful ponds.

 Wildlife can result in serious health risks by harboring and spreading diseases such as rabies, plague or hantavirus. Many of them can harbor fleas, ticks and mites which may bite you as well! They can often cause damage to homes by chewing or tearing holes in walls, doors or screens; and damaging or contaminating our food and clothing.  Some of these animals are even a threat to bite us or our pets.

Preventing Unwanted Critters
If you are suffering from a case of unwanted visitors,  try these simple preventative cures:

  • Install one-half inch fireproof hardware cloth over all vents and the chimney.
  • Inspect the perimeter of your house for holes or cracks where animals can enter and seal them after ridding your house completely of pests.
  • Call a professional if there's any evidence of animal activity footprints, discolored areas near openings, skunk smell outside, movement or sound above or below the rooms inside.

Keep The Wild in the Wild
Outdoor pest control. Whether you are having problems with raccoons, flys, or your own dog, we have a great selection of solutions for you. From live animal traps to deer repellents to Zareba's solar fences, you will be on a great start to solving your pest nuisance problems.  Here are some great tips:

  • Store pet food in containers with secure lids.  Try the new Vittles Vault Containers.
  • Attach the handles of trash receptacles to the ground using stakes, to prevent animals from tipping over them over - or use a product like Sweeneys.
  • Keep pets indoors at night.
  • Install motion detection lighting -- or better yet .. the new Scarecrow Motion detector sprinkler.
  • Clean up fallen fruit and other debris from yard.
  • Cover hot tubs, pools and ponds if you don't want animals to drink from them.  Try this great Protective Netting.


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