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Does your Dog Need a Good Spring Cleaning?

Farmington Hills, MI (www.MichiganBusiness.us) Updated: March 10, 2015 – Does your Dog Need a Good Spring Cleaning?– www.pet-dog-cat-supply-store.com

Just as you spring clean your house, your dog could probably use a good spring cleaning. After tracking in snow and salt in northern states, or down south, in the mud, all winter, your dog and his gear can use a good cleaning.

Start by physically examining under his nails, between his toes, and his eyes and ears.. Check for anything out of the ordinary that may have gotten stuck in his fur or skin. If anything remotely feels funny, take him to the vet immediately. Spring is a great time to make a veterinary appointment, anyway.

The next step in your ‘dog spring cleaning task’ is to give him a thorough bath, trim his nails and brush his teeth. If you have never trimmed nails before, ask your vet or vet tech to show you how so you can do this at home next time. Trimming nails is great for your dog’s health.

Next, inspect your dog’s equipment. How long has your dog been wearing the same collar without being washed? Dog Collars get dirty and dirt accumulates underneath which can cause discomfort, skin problems or even allergies. Keep a number of collars on hand so that you can rotate and wash your dog’s collars.

Look through all your dog’s toys. Discard of any dog toys that are filthy and you can not wash. Wash all the toys that you can. Try rotating toys to save money and keep your dog’s interest. If you rotate toys every few days or weeks it’s like giving your dog new toys.

Finally check your dog’s favorite spots: crate, kennel, bed, and sleeping areas. Pick up, wash and/or vacuum these areas. Most dog beds are machine washable and there are some great crate disinfectants on the market these days.

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