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Protozoan Diarrhea is classified as a group of diseases caused by several, one-cell organisms that include Giardia, Trichomonas, and Coccidia. These organisms may normally be found in the intestine in very small numbers, but multiply greatly in an intestinal tract irritated by other problems, such as: internal parasites (worms), diet changes, viral infections and stress. 

These organisms are visible only under the microscope, and are entirely different from “worms,” and therefore cannot be treated with deworming medications.

These diseases may spread from one animal to another by contact with feces (stools) from infected individuals. They are much more severe in younger or weakened animals, causing a “mushy” or “watery” type of diarrhea. 

Sometimes vomiting is also seen with this disease. Often, these diseases weaken the animal making it more susceptible to other diseases at this time.

Diagnosis is by microscopic examination of the feces (stools).


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