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Herpes virus, or Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, is the most prevalent viral disease of cats. It causes a mild reaction in cats and kittens that is similar to the common cold in people. 80% of cats have been exposed. 

Just as 90% of humans have Herpes simplex virus harbored in their nerve tissue from previous exposure to the Herpes simplex virus, 80% of cats, indoors or out, have Feline Herpes virus in their system.

There are some things you can do to reduce any catís chances of reoccurring active infections. First, L-Lycine is a powder substance recommended by many veterinarians to protect against future herpes virus activation. 

The chemical boosts the immune system, making activation of herpes less likely. Vets generally recommend 250mg of L-Lycine be used for kittens and small cats and 500mg with large or adult cats. However, it is important to remember L-Lycine may take a matter of several weeks before you notice any difference in your catís symptoms or the length between periods of active infection.



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