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Aquarium Filter Media Choices

Filter media is the content of a filter system which is in contact with the water flow and is the substance that actually performs the mechanical, biological, and chemical filtering. Many types of filter media are designed to provide long-term performance in all aquarium installations. The following filter media will support a healthy, thriving aquarium:

  • Foam is an excellent mechanical filter media. The porous channel structure within the foam obliges the incoming water to deviate from a straight path, maximizing contact time and giving the foam a huge holding capacity for debris. This is easily observed when rinsing foam, as large quantities of waste are released. Maximum mechanical effect is achieved after approximately 10 to 14 days. 
    Foam also supports essential bacteria and can be a mechanical and biological filter media, as evidenced by internal filter systems, as long as a regular water change schedule is respected. 

  • GregRobert offers a complete selection of carbons, all designed for water filtration. These carbons provide the correct pore size and selection of optimal raw ingredients to provide long lasting aquarium filtration. Fluval Activated Carbon is pictured to the right.  This is very important as there are carbons that are manufactured using raw materials which are designed for filtering air, not water, and are sold for aquarium use. 

  • Aquarium Ammonia, Chlorine & Chloramine Eliminators  are in many cases made of natural minerals, which safely and effectively scavenges ammonium from aquarium water. This is particularly useful when chloramine is present in tap water, and in instances where ammonia can occur, such as new aquariums, fish loss, overfeeding, after disease treatment, and overpopulated installations. 

GregRobert offers peat in both granulated and fibrous forms. A highly desirable filter media which is very beneficial for aquariums containing plants, South American Cichlids, Tetras, Gouramis, Rasboras, Killifish, and many other species of fish originating from acidic waters. Peat will lightly stain the water a natural tan color, lower pH and KH values, and release natural substances, optimizing aquarium water conditions for many fresh water fish and aquatic plants
The results will be reflected in optimized coloration, improved behavior and reproduction. Peat is also a positive factor in algae control

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