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How many fish should I put in my Garden Pond?

The size and depth of your pond will determine whether or not your pond can accommodate fish and what type of fish. When stocking a pond, it is usually a good idea to start small and add a few fish at a time. This will give you time to test your pond's water and the surrounding habitat before spending a lot of money.

For goldfish and comets, 1 inch of fish for every three gallons of water is a good rule of thumb. For KOI, five gallons of water for every fish is recommended. 

As the fish begin to grow, you may need to remove some of them in order to maintain an ideal pond environment. 

Tap water can contain chlorine, chlormaine and other harmful elements that are toxic to fish.

In order to make your tap water safe, it should be treated with a water conditioner such as Laguna Water Prep before any fish are added. Water Prep should also be added to any new tap water added to replace evaporation or any water changes.

Make sure that you purchase the proper type of fish food based on the fish that inhabit your pond.  Goldfish and KOI require special nutrients.  Try Goldfish and KOI floating food pelletsTetra Jumbo Shrimp for Fish will work well for a large variety of fish.  (Break apart for smaller fish).

Take note that there are specialized fish food on the market for seasonal changes.  Consider Pond Care Summer Staple Pond Sticks & Food for summer feeding.

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