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Why should we use a pet gate?
Pet gates, made of metal, plastic, or wood, help you keep your dog out of trouble by restricting his access to specific rooms/areas or confining him to acceptable surroundings. You can put a pet gate at the bottom of a flight of stairs if you want your dog to stay out of upstairs bedrooms. Pet gates can be a better alternative to simply closing a door to restrict or confine your dog.  With a pet gate, your dog can still see and/or hear you, which may help keep him calmer and makes him less likely to misbehave. Many pet gates are also portable, allowing you to easily move the gate to fit your needs, such as gating the dog in a room with you while you watch a movie.
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Our doorway frames and entryways are several different sizes (some are also very wide). Do you offer specially sized gates?
Several pet gates are compatible with expansion panels, allowing them to fit wide areas/openings - perfect for keeping dogs out of living rooms, dens, and so on. If you're looking to fit an extremely wide space, choose a gate that allows multiple expansion panels.  

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Are pet gates easy to install?
Most pet gates are extremely easy to install. Some gates feature pressure mounts, which require you only to fit the gate tightly inside a doorframe or room entrance. Some feature wall mounts, which require you to screw hardware to a wall or doorframe.
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Do you offer walk-through pet gates that open both ways?
GregRobert offers several walk-through pet gates including  Four paws, Gerry & Evenflo gates that open both ways, allowing you the convenience of walking through from either side.
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My dog is an aggressive chewer. Can I still use a plastic- or wire-mesh gate?
Plastic mesh gates are not designed to withstand aggressive chewing. Wire mesh gates, while more durable, may still be compromised if chewed on (they can also hurt your dog's mouth and teeth). If you're looking to install a pet gate for your aggressive chewer, consider a gate with strong metal slats, rather than mesh.
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My dog is very tall. Which gate do you recommend?
Tall dogs, whether they're tall when standing on hind legs or all four feet, require tall gates to keep them out of trouble. GregRobert offers Tall and Extra Tall Mesh Security Gates which are ideal for tall dogs.
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Are there any safety factors to take into account when choosing a gate?
When choosing a gate, be sure to select one that withstands your dog's size and behavior. Make sure that the gate cannot be tipped over/opened when your dog leans on it, cannot be chewed on, and does not have widely spaced slats in which your dog could get his head stuck.
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Pet Gates FAQ - Wire Adjustable Wood Tall Dog Gate 

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