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How to Trim your Pet's Nails like a professional.

I know that many pet owners (and pets) find nail trimming a difficult exercise. 

To make things easier you should handle your pet's feet and nails frequently and from as early an age as possible. Make it a pleasant experience, offer a treat and lots of praise when he or she behaves during the handling. This will let him or her become accustomed to having the toes and nails touched and allow for easier nail care.  

Within a few months you will be clipping like a professional!

Invest in a good sharp set of nail trimmers. Professional pet grooming supplies work better. Dog nails contain nerves and blood vessels, known as a quick which grows down the middle of the nail. Take care not to cut this or you will cause pain and bleeding. The pinkish colored quick is usually easy to see in light colored nails but may be impossible to see in dark nails. Excessively long nails may have an outgrown quick. This is often seen in very old animals. 

If you can't see the quick, trim very small bits at a time from the end of the nail. You may need to repeat this frequently with over grown nails. 

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Dog Nail Trimming Supplies

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If you are unsure about trimming your pets nails ask your vet to show you how itís done.


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