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The arrival of your new dog:  Puppy Supplies Primer

Not sure what you'll need to prepare for the arrival of your new pal? To properly care for your new puppy or adult dog, you'll need to have some basic puppy products and puppy supplies ready for when he comes to stay.


Puppy House Training Supplies / Pads / Diapers
Puppy Grooming Supplies / Flea Control / Wormers
Puppy Feeding / Nutrition / Toys
Puppy Crates & Beds

Required supplies for your puppy or dog's health, happiness and safety: 

  • Dog Collar - needed for attaching your pet's identification tag, and for attaching the leash when walking or training.  Our favorite is: Hamilton Dog Collars

  • A great puppy training book.  We have a great selection to choose from.  

  • Leash - necessary for walking your dog, and keeping control.  Try a retractable leash!

  • ID tag - an absolute essential for every pet.  The Oster Reflector ID Tag is our choice

  • Food Bowl - many to choose from depending on your personal preference and your dog's special needs.

  • Water bowl - clean, fresh water must be available at all times.  Try the Healthy Pet Diner

  • Food - a balanced, premium food is healthiest; table scraps can dramatically shorten the dog's life and jeopardize its health. Try these supplements

  • Dental Care - Don't ignore your puppies dental health!  Try the DDS Dental Canine Kit to start.  Don't forget to try the Dental Kong!  Toothbrush and toothpaste - a dental health program will promote healthy teeth and gums that need to last your dog a lifetime.

  • Toys - toys help keep your dog from being bored, restless or destructive.  Our all-time favorite are KONG DOG TOYs!

  • Chew items - chew toys, rawhide, and bones satisfy your dog's natural need to chew, and is especially helpful for teething puppies.

  • Grooming tools - depends on your dog's coat, but a good brush is a must for keeping the skin healthy and the coat shiny and mat-free.  Stock up on some great dog shampoo, also!

  • Nail clippers - unless you plan to have your dog professionally groomed, your dog's nails will need to be tended to.

  • Dog Beds - every dog should have a place to call his own.  Our favorite:  BEASLEY'S COUCH

  • Dog Cage or Dog Crate- if you need to leave your pet alone, if you are house-training, or plan to travel with your pet. Our favorite dog crate by Midwest Pet Crates.

These puppy supplies are highly recommended:

  • Stain and odor neutralizer - for quickly treating any puppy accidents.

  • Treats - for training, or just because you love her!

  • Automotive containment - needed if you ever plan to travel any distance with your dog or puppy.

  • Dog doors - especially nice for the dog that has been trained to go outside, or just likes to spend time there.

  • Dog gates - A must to keep your new puppy arrival in certain areas of the house.  Our favorite is Four Paws Wire Mesh

  • Ear Cleaner - to keep your dog's ears clean and healthy since they can't do it themselves!  Try our favorite ear cleaner

  • Shampoo and conditioner - to keep your dog or puppy looking (and smelling) nice. 

  • Heartworm preventative - a monthly dose in treat form to keep your puppy from contracting fatal Heartworm disease.

  • Pooper scooper - do we need to explain this one?

  • Food Containers - for holding dry food and treats are a little more convenient than digging to the bottom of a big bag.  We love the Vittles Vault

  • Scoops - for scooping dry food are designed for getting food from the container to the bowl without getting it all over you and the floor.

  • Hair pickup - to remove hair that your dog or puppy has shed on clothing and furniture. 

These puppy products are suggested also:

Puppy pads - for both puppies and adult dogs that are being trained. 
Vitamins - for pets that need a little extra boost due to being undernourished or sick.
Bags for picking up puppy waste - from your own yard, but especially if you plan to walk your dog or go somewhere with your dog. No one wants to dodge doggie doo, so make sure you clean up after Fido.
Nursing Bottle for your puppy
Puppy Shampoo


General Guidelines for Puppy Vaccines

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