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The Kitten Birthing Season - Spring to Fall

The kitten season floods animal shelters across the nation with homeless litters of baby cats. Kitten "season" is really quite long as far as the calendar goes - beginning in spring, peaking in early summer, and ending in fall.

In Michigan, kitten season lasts from early spring through late fall. 

What are the reasons behind the kitten birthing season?

Warmer weather coincides with female cats' heat cycles.  When female cats go into heat, male cats come running from near and far. Cats' reproductive hormones are very powerful.  

In every community in the nation, there is an over-abundance of unsterilized cats both owned and un-owned. A frenzy of mating takes place each year across the nation. 

The easiest way to help reduce the overwhelming numbers of unwanted cats is to spay and neuter your own cat and encourage others to do the same.  Whether or not your cat is an "Indoor Cat" or an "Outdoor Cat" - it is important to spay and neuter.

Even if your cat only goes outside occasionally, or there's a chance that he might accidentally get out, it allows opportunity for him or her to mate. There are cat doors available that allow you to control access, while giving your cat some freedom.

Unaltered cats are driven by hormones (and powerful hormones at that!) and tend to sneak outdoors primarily in search of a mate. Mating just once can start a domino effect that can result in dozens, even hundreds or thousands of unwanted animals.

These unwanted cats and kittens, when not left on the street to fend for themselves, often turn up in high volume at local animal shelters. 

If you find yourself with a newborn kitten that you just cannot resist keeping, we have plenty of supplies for you, including kitten nursing supplies!


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