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Oscillating Sprinkler Comparison Chart

This chart compares the essential elements of backyard and industrial oscillating- style sprinklers. Parameters include number of jets, area covered, materials and brand-name. 

Brand Jets Area Materials Model #
Oscillating Sprinkler 36 spray patterns Melnor 15 2600 Sq Ft. Metal / Plastic 260
Oscillating Sprinkler / Metal Nozzle Melnor 18 3200 Sq Ft. Metal / Plastic 300C
Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler / Flow Control Melnor 21 3900 Sq Ft. Metal / Plastic 04200-0
Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler Melnor 18 3900 Sq Ft. Metal / Plastic 4100
Oscillating Sprinkler Melnor 16 2800 Sq Ft. Metal / Plastic 280
Turbo Heart Oscillate Sprinkler Nelson 18 3250 Sq. Ft Metal / Plastic 1330
Turbo Heart Oscillating Sprinkler Nelson 15 2750 Sq Ft. Metal / Plastic 1310
Oscillator Sprinkler Melnor 18 3000 Sq Ft. Metal / Plastic 300
Classic Oscillator Sprinkler Melnor 18 3200 Sq Ft. Metal / Brass 3200H
Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler Melnor 18 3700 Sq. Ft Metal / Plastic 3700
Colorstorm Oscillating Sprinkler Dramm 18 3036 Sq. Ft Brass / Plastic 10-15000

An oscillating sprinkler is versatile - being effective on small lawns and large lawns alike.  Take note of the column above that indicates "Area" above. This number reflects the max area that the sprinkler can get to in a single placement, but all of these oscillating sprinklers can be adjusted for smaller or unusual areas.

Oscillating sprinklers have light weight aluminum spray bars with a distinct number of jets (specified in the chart above). When you hook the sprinkler to a garden hose or other water supply, the spray bars of this sprinkler move back and forth. The back and forth motion provides a spray of water out onto your lawn in a square or rectangular pattern. By turning a knob one way or the other, you can adjust the spray of the water to meet your lawn's exact watering needs. 

To get the coverage areas specified in the chart above, use at least a 5/8" garden hose and have a minimum of 40 psi water pressure available, smaller hoses or less pressure may reduce coverage significantly.

The best time to turn your oscillating sprinkler on and water your lawn is between the hours of five to ten o'clock in the morning.



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