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Farnam introduced PLATFORM a few years back, the first feeding system consisting of four premium feeds, as well as complementary supplements that allow you to address your horse’s individual nutritional needs without the possible negative side effects of over-supplementation.

The feeds and supplements are unique and scientifically formulated by expert equine nutritionists based on the latest, up-to-date research. The feeds are designed to address each horse’s nutritional needs based on their life stage and exercise level. The supplements are formulated to help manage specific conditions and do not duplicate Platform Feed ingredients. When the feed and supplements are fed together, they complement each other, avoiding the potentially harmful effects of over-supplementation. The targeted supplements also reduce waste and feeding expense.

With the Platform Feeding System, you can design a feeding program to meet your horse’s individual nutritional needs.

Platform Feeds are segmented according to equine lifestyles and activity levels. 

Platform’s foundation of premium specialty ingredients is the basis for the system. Each ingredient has been chosen for its key contribution to the overall nutritional profile of the feed. Optimal levels of nutrients ensure that horses are getting all they need from their chosen Platform Feed. Specific nutrient situations arising from age, stress, activity level and other conditions are addressed through the supplements.

The Platform Supplements are designed to complement the feeds and avoid superfluous over supplementation, which saves money and enhances the effectiveness of the complete program. The supplements, color-coded to easily feed multiple supplements to one horse, come in a palatable, extruded form that makes them clean to handle and difficult for a horse to sort out. What makes them essential to the comprehensive feeding program is the fact that each of the Platform Supplements—Joint, Weight, Electrolyte and Hoof—was designed to target specific equine physiological challenges. Each formulation is based on state-of-the-art nutritional science and do not duplicate vitamins and minerals found in the Platform Feeds.

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