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Choosing a pump size for your pond

A pond pump is connected to the electrical supply and submerged at the bottom of the pond. It provides all the power to circulate water through waterfalls, fountains, ornaments, filter systems and sterilizer units. Generally the more features added to the system, the more powerful the pump needs to be. 

A pump alone does not clean the water. The strainer fixed to the front of many pumps is not a pond filter. Its function is to protect the motor  from clogging with pond debris and silt which will impair its performance. 

Use our POND CALCULATOR to determine the pond pump size you will need based on the size of your pond.

One of our most popular pump series is the  Hagen Powerjet Pump (Laguna).  Using this pump as an example, if you have a pond that is 6 feet in width and 8 feet long with a maximum depth of 3 feet, but an average depth of 2 feet, the Powerjet 2000 is the best option to buy, if you are going to have a few water features in the pond.

Many people ask us how deep their pond should be.  Really it can be any depth that you desire.  Remember that the deeper the pond, the larger pump and filter you will need to purchase.  When you add fish to your pond, it's a different story, though.  The minimum recommended pond depth for fish is 18", although 2.5' is considered ideal. Keep in mind that your fish require cool water in the summertime and need to be able to live under the ice in the wintertime. In extremely hot or cold climates, a few extra inches in the depth of your pool may have considerable impact on the health of your fish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is oxygen so important in my pond? 

Fish, plants and other pond inhabitants require large quantities of oxygen in order to survive. In an isolated pond, dirt, leaves, algae and other contaminants can quickly accumulate, depleting a pond's vital oxygen supply. Fountains and waterfalls help to aerate oxygen deficient ponds and help keep pond inhabitants healthy.

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