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  • Laguna Pond Fish Care Guide (click to download the entire guide in PDF format)
    • Fish add color, movement and grace to your water garden. It is important to remember that they are living creatures. Treat them with care and they will repay you with years of enjoyment.Laguna PowerFlo Max Underwater Filter
    • Tips for selecting healthy fish:
      • Clear Eyes (not cloudy)
      • Undamaged fins
      • Scales should be intact, parallel with body (not sticking outwards) and no red blotches
      • No holes, ulcerations, or lumps
      • Active, lively, normal swimming patterns
      • No white spots (salt grain size) or white cottony growths on the fins or body
      • Respiration rate should be regular and steady (in unstressed circumstances)
      • Gills should be red inside, not faded or discolored, and not distended or puffy.
      • Actively feeding
      • Avoid selecting fish from a system that contains any sick specimens
    • Choosing fish that are healthy from the beginning will help avoid problems.
    • Pond Fish Food & Feeding Accessories

  • Laguna - Building the Perfect Pond (click to download the entire guide in PDF format)
    • Water gardening is increasingly becoming a popular hobby. And why not? Water gardens add a unique dimension to
      homes and even with limited space, you can design a water feature that brings the beauty of nature into your backyard. Thanks to pond equipment such as Laguna pumps, filters, and liners, you can easily create your own backyard aquatic oasis. This guide will show you how.

  • Pond Plants - Planting and Care Guide (click to download the entire guide in PDF format)
    • Aquatic plants play a very important role in your water garden. They create a natural look while
      providing shade and shelter for a wide variety of creatures including frogs, fish and dragon flies. With
      proper care, aquatic plants will not only enhance the beauty of your pond, they will also reduce maintenance
      and create crystal clear water conditions.
    • Pond Planting Accessories

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