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Comparison of Top Rated Puppy Training Pads

Potty Training a puppy during the winter months - especially in colder climates can be a very uncomfortable process for you and your puppy. Luckily, puppy training pads are available for those of you interested in indoor training. Puppy training pads are basically an absorbent pad your puppy learns to use when they need to go to the bathroom. These puppy pads have been treated with a special scent that draws your puppy to use the pad.

Find the best puppy training pad for YOUR dog.  Larger dogs should use larger pads.  It may also be beneficial for you to purchase larger pads if you are away from home for long periods (like work).

View all of our Puppy Training Pads, here.

Puppy pads are an indispensable utility in housebreaking your puppy.

A puppy has a small bladder and quick digestive system. Like a baby human they will have to urinate often and go Number 2 often, also. The first rule of thumb is to be proactive!

Brand 17 x 23 22 x 22 23 x 28 28 x 35 27 x 44 Absorb Rating Odor Rating
Simple Solution Economy x 4.8 4.7
Simple Solution Original x 5 4.7
Simple Solution Eco Care1 x 5 4.7
Sergeants Go! Pads x 4.7 4.7
Yippee Skippy Training Pads x 4.7 4.6
Fresh N Clean Pads x x 4.9 5
Natures Miracle Ultra Lock3 x 4.8 5
Natures Miracle Advanced x 4.9 5
Natures Miracle Quick Results x 4.7 5
Wee Wee2 x x x x 5 4.6
Dry Paws (Midwest) x x 4.8 4.8

Ratings are based on a sampling of GregRobert customers.

1 85 percent recycled and 100 percent more absorbent. Reduces landfill waste with breakthrough engineering that utilizes recycled material.

2 GIGANTIC Wee Wee pads measure a monstrous 27.5 wide by 44 long. That's 140% larger than our regular sized pads.

3Quick-drying technology prevents paw tracking with Natures Miracle Ultra Lock.

4Dimensions have been rounded within an inch or two to aid in the comparison process.

5Tear-resistant top sheet withstands digging, scratching and chewing. THINSORB Ultra Absorbent 3-in-1 Core


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