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The Scarecrow Sprinkler - Backyard Pest Control

ScareCrow Sprinkler Components

The Scarecrow requires a garden hose connection and one alkaline 9 volt battery.
Hand assembly of the components takes just minutes.

Disassembled Scarecrow  / ScareCrow Sprinkler Coupons

Assembled Unit
Assembled Scarecrow Sprinkler

The Scarecrow consistently creates a memorable and unpleasant experience through a combination of: Eye Decals on Scarecrow Sprinkler

  • sudden unexpected noise

  • unexpected movement, and

  • water spray.

The animal immediately associates this unpleasant experience with the location. To avoid similar surprises, they begin to avoid the area. While humans flee several steps after activating a Scarecrow motion-activated sprinkler, animals are scared to a much greater degree, run much further and stay away longer.

We attribute this difference in part to the inherent fight or flight survival Scarecrow Sprinkler without decals applied response found in most animals and their lack of intelligence or ability to ?figure out? what caused the annoying noise and motion.

Other reasons why the Scarecrow works:

  • Training/repelling is consistent at the location, 24 hours a day.

  • It is the environment rather than a person or other animal doing the 'conditioning'.

  • The water spray is sufficiently surprising and unpleasant to communicate an immediate, 'Leave now' message. ScareCrow Sprinkler 

Scarecrow Sprinkler Set Up

1. Position the Scarecrow so the area you wish to protect is within its 105 degree detection area. Avoid pointing it at any objects where movement may cause "false triggering" ie: sidewalks, roads or waterfalls.

2. Adjust the sensitivity dial to the lowest setting that will still pick up your target animal, (see chart on page 6 in the instruction manual).
3. Fine tune the Scarecrow Sprinkler to ensure the water covers the area you wish to protect.

Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler is an effective natural Repellent to deter deer, cats, rodents, squirrels, skunks,  and other small animals from your yards, gardens, plants, ponds, or any area you don't want them.

Scarecrow Sprinkler Product Highlights

Water based concept Safely and effectively repels animals without chemicals, visually objectionable barriers or shock.
Passive infrared detector Operates unattended and 'sprays' when movement is detected. (Day and Night)
Operates 24/7 Scarecrow protects day and night for up to 6 months (or 3000+ activations) on one 9 volt battery.
Becomes a temporary water 'barrier' Can be used in neighborhoods where fences are not allowed.
Water conserving design Only uses 2- to 3 cups of water per deterrence and can usually be used in communities engaged in restricted lawn watering practices.
Water flow through stake Easy to extend coverage with additional Scarecrows.
25 day money back Guarantee Ensures you can buy with confidence.
Novel and Humorous Solution You'll love this thing!
Battery Powered Design One 9 volt battery provides approximately 6 months operation or 3,000 activations

Scarecrow Sprinkler


Customer Satisfaction Statistics

The following section rates the ScareCrow's effectiveness on various types of animals, according to feedback provided by our customers.


Animal # Surveys Average Satisfaction
Deer 708 86%
Cats 381 85%
Raccoons 281 85%
Dogs 171 83%
Heron 145 86%
Rabbits 108 83%
Squirrels 68 82%
Skunks 44 79%
Groundhogs 15 75%
Opossums 15 89%
Canada Geese 22 90%
Cranes 9 77%
Pigeons 9 77%
Sheep 1 80%

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