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Textured Bird Toys for Pet Bird - GregRobert

GregRobert Pet Supplies is proud to carry popular brands of Textured Bird Toys including Pisces, Mars, Venus, Comet, USA, Bodacious Bites, Calypso Creations, Chime Time, Tropical Teasers, Stick Staxs, Tiki and others.

The grooming bird toys that are 100% pulverized sea shell for manicuring beaks and nails. The leather, string and plastic beads offer lots of play value for your pet bird.

Bodacious Bites Buffet for birds are made from solid hardwood and many other fun materials, these toys offer hours of shredding and chewing fun and have quicklinks for easy attachment to cages. Made of wood, cotton, twine, string, leather, seashells.

Chime time bird toys have ground calcium wafers in colorful, fun shapes. Birds love these colorful and flavorful hanging toys for bird cages. Birds will be enchanted by the chime noise as they play. Calypso Creations are festive dangling toys. Birds shred & pull to make these toys ideal for discouraging feather plucking while satisfying preening instncts. 100% safe, non-toxic materials & FD&C colors. Toy materials may include a combination of knotted rope, plastic straws, sisal, wooden beads and more.

Stick Staxs bird toys provide hours of entertainment with lots of moving parts for your pet bird. Made by Prevue, they are 100% bird safe with FD&C colors on natural wood sticks - safe and a great bird toy.

Tropical teasers are colorful Bird toys that contain 100% natural, sterilized coconut fiber for nest building and plucking fun. Your pet bird will love hanging Tropical Teaser Bird Toys no matter what size. Hang in the cage and watch your bird enjoy.

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