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Cat Hairball Remedy and Prevention for Cats - GregRobert

GregRobert Pet Supplies is proud to carry popular brands of Cat Hairball Remedy and Prevention including Laxa-stat, Laxatone, Kittymalt, Miracle Malt, Grass Gel, Petromalt and others.

Hairballs are formed when the cat swallows too much hair from its fur. While self-grooming, cats often come upon dead hair. Because cats' tongues are rough one-way surfaces, they are unable to dislodge the hair from their mouths and spit it out - they have no choice but to swallow it.

Many cats like the taste of hairball prevention products and they will often lick it directly off your finger. You can also get the cat to ingest it by putting a dab of the laxative on the top of the cat's paw or on its nose and let it lick the stuff off while grooming.

Because cats are always grooming themselves, many owners do not realize that their cat will readily accept and appreciate brushing to remove loose hair. Brushing is the fastest and easiest way to reduce hair ingestion, and it also helps keep it off your furniture.

GregRobert Pet Supplies offers low prices on many brands of Cat Hairball Remedy and Prevention including:, Excel, Four Paws, Nutri-vet, Perfect Coat, Pet Naturals Of Vermont, Sergeants Pet Products, Tomlyn, Vets Best, and other selections.

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