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Mosquito Control for Pest Control - GregRobert

GregRobert Pet Supplies is proud to carry popular brands of Mosquito Control including Cutter, Terro, Microbe-Lift, Pre-Strike, Mosquito Beater and others.

The unmistakable 'itch of summer' is in full swing as mosquitoes swarm our yards! Amidst their blood-thirsty assault they carry the risk of West Nile Virus, a threat that is much more serious than the red, itchy bites that mosquitoes leave behind. We carry a large selection of mosquito control products for your convenience.

Mosquitoes transmit pathogens that cause some of the worst diseases known, including malaria, yellow fever, dengue fever and encephalitis. However, mosquitoes only transmit the pathogens. In most cases, they must feed on someone with the disease to be able to transmit it to another person. Adult mosquitoes reared from larvae collected from ponds seldom carry pathogens.

Mosquitos go through a complete metamorphosis: eggs, larvae, pupae and adults. 
Eggs are laid in standing water. 

As a home owner, check the gutters, making sure they aren't clogged. 


Eliminate accumulation of water in places like tires, cans, barrels, etc. 

Clean out bird baths once a week.

GregRobert Pet Supplies offers low prices on many brands of Mosquito Control including:, Allied Precision, Control Solutions, Country Vet, Cut Heal Animal Care, Farnam, Mosquito Beater, Summit Chemical, and other selections.

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