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Herbicides and Algaecides for Pond - GregRobert

GregRobert Pet Supplies is proud to carry popular brands of Herbicides and Algaecides including Cutrine, Pramitol, Side-Kick, Clear Pasture, Shore-Klear, Bacti-Klear, Harvester and others.

A general rule of thumb for getting rid of emerging plants is to apply a herbicide when the plant is finishing its flowering stage and beginning to set its seed head. This is particularly true for cattails, bulrushes, and arrowhead. During and just after seed head formation, these plants begin to send food to their root systems for root growth. A herbicide at this time is most effective.
GregRobert Pet Supplies offers low prices on many brands of Herbicides and Algaecides including:, Applied Bio Chemists, Aquarium Pharmaceutical, Aquavet, Chapin, Control Solutions, Mars Fishcare, Microbe-lift, Ortho, Pondcare, Safer Brand, Tetrapond, and other selections.

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