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Water Care and Maintenance for Aquarium - GregRobert

GregRobert Pet Supplies is proud to carry popular brands of Water Care and Maintenance including Ammonia, Chlorine , Chloramine, Eliminators, Aquarium, Phosphate, Nitrate, Removal, Fungus, Algae, Bacteria, Ick Control, Water Conditioners, Clarifiers, Aquarium Water, Test Kits and others.

We carry an extensive range of water treatments and disease cures for tropical and coldwater aquariums to help keep your fish healthy and disease free. Aquarium enthusiasts know that it is important to maintain the water in a fish tank or aquarium. There PH balance to consider, maintaining the proper bacteria levels and everything more. Aquarium water conditioners can play an important role. Aquarium water conditioners and clarifiers will help keep all aspects of your aquarium water at the perfect level for your tropical fish.

Cycling is the process of establishing bacteria in an aquarium to break-down toxic waste. The three components involved to make this happen are ammonia (NH³ or NH³+4), nitrite (NO²), and nitrate (NO³). In general the cycling process usually takes about one month; however, each aquarium is different. Factors such as how many fish, other livestock, and the amount of organic matter present in the tank can vary the cycling time.

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