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26 Products Found:    

Equine Muscle and Weight Gain for Horses - GregRobert

GregRobert Pet Supplies is proud to carry popular brands of Equine Muscle and Weight Gain including Muscle Up, Platform, Weight Booster, Myo-Guard, Nu-weight, Gleam and Gain, Hard Keeper, Cool Calories and others.

Does your horse have a hard time gaining or maintaining weight? Many factors can influence the ability to gain weight - age, metabolism, digestive functionality, stress and season. A weight gain supplement could help. Many of the products shown above have an extra source of fat and protein - a boost for many horses.

Comparison of Equine Weight Gain Supplements

Product Name Form Quality  Base Fat Protein Pro/
Omega 3 & 6 FA's Essential Amino Acids
Cool Calories 100 Powder - V 99% 0% - -
Durvet Weight Booster Powder NASC F/G 45% 14% Yes Yes Yes
Farnam Weight Builder Powder NASC G/F/V 40% 14%  - Yes  -
Fat-Cat Powder - VP 3% 25% Yes Yes Yes Yes
Focus SR Powder NASC SW/F 10% 16% Yes - Yes -
Focus WT Powder NASC SW/A 3% 14% Yes - -
Gleam & Gain Powder ISO V/F/R 41% 10% Yes Yes -
Gleam & Gain Supreme 60 Powder ISO V/F/R 60% 8% Yes Yes -
Hard Keeper Granular NASC V/AF/F 40% 15% Yes Yes -
M.A.S.S. Liquid Liquid NASC R 0% 0%  - - Yes
Platform Weight Powder NASC V 99% 0%  - -

AF=Animal Fat
R=Rice Bran
SW=Seaweed Meals
V=Vegetable Oil/Fat (includes corn)
VP=Vegetable Protein

GregRobert Pet Supplies offers low prices on many brands of Equine Muscle and Weight Gain including:, Animed, Farnam, Finish Line, Kentucky Performance, Kinetic Technologies, Pennwoods Equine Products, Source Inc, Start To Finish, Vapco, Vitaflex, and other selections.

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